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05.08.2015   07:17
About the bank

With an experience of over 23 years, Moldova Agroindbank is strengthening its position on the banking market of Moldova, year by year confirming through its performances its leadership in the country’s banking sector.

Moldova Agroindbank is a universal bank holding an authorization of the National Bank of Moldova to perform all types of transactions in national and foreign currency on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and on international markets.

The unique business pattern aimed at providing SPECIALIZED and EFFICIENT services in the Commercial and Retail segments, together with advanced information technologies and modern telecommunication systems, competitive, client-oriented products and services, well-trained personnel and highly-developed distribution network have made Moldova Agroindbank the first option bank for the local clients and contributed to the bank’s name becoming widely recognized.

Given the difficult and complex international situation that has affected Moldova’s economy in general and the bank’s activity in particular, the bank has ensured its rational and efficient management, which is seen in the development of its business and the achieved financial results.
Thus, the bank is still on top of performance ratings of Moldovan banks, which is confirmed by a number of relevant indices fulfilled by the bank.
By 31.12.2013 the bank’s share in the country’s banking system was represented by 17.6% of total assets, 21,7% of total loans and 23% of total deposits. Due to a well-outlined banking policy in 2011 Moldova Agroindbank acquired profit in the amount of MDL 325 million (according to the NAS).

Outcomes achieved by Moldova Agroindbank were due to the bank’s efficient cooperation with its clients. In order to be closer to its clients and ensure a faster service the bank is constantly developing and improving alternative, fast and practical channels of distant service facilitating the performance of banking operations and satisfying clients’ needs. Thus, the alternative distribution network has reached a number of 154 ATMs and 2177 POS terminals . At the same time, currently the bank has one of the largest office networks on the market. Тhe bank’s network included 70 branches, DOCCB, 21 agencies, 4 exchange point.

Moldova Agroindbank is a famous name both in Moldova and abroad. Results achieved by the bank have been appreciated by a number of specialized international editions for many years (Euromoney, Global Finance, Finance Central Europe and World Finance).

Achievements of Moldova Agroindbank are largely due to the bank’s fruitful cooperation with its clients who remain one of its priorities. Day by day, the team of Moldova Agroindbank is working for the bank’s clients, taking advantage of opportunities, generating value and building a future.

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