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Volunteer Accident Insurance

1. What does this insurance cover?

The object of the volunteer accident insurance are patrimonial interests, life, health and working capacity of the Insured.

2. Who can be insured?
  • Individuals (families);

  • Individuals borrowing money from bank;

  • Employees of legal entities (collectives);

  • Drivers and passengers.
3. What risks does this insurance cover?
  • Temporary loss of working capacity in the wake of an accident;

  • Complete loss of working capacity (first, second and third degree disability assigned) in the wake of an accident;

  • Accident-caused death.
4. What damages are not indemnified?
  • Any kind of acute or chronic diseases (including heart attack, ictus, aneurysm rupture and other body lesions caused by hereditary pathologies or pathologies caused by the evolution of some disease);

  • Infections, food infections;

  • Pathologic bone rupture, hereditary or ordinary bone luxation, abdominal or spinal disc hernia;

  • Intoxication with alcohol, toxic substances, medicine, household chemical substances.
5. How is the indemnity set?

The indemnity is set depending on the requests and needs of clients from 1,000 to 100,000 regardless of currency, be it MDL, USD or Euro.

6. What primary documents are needed to enter into the insurance agreement?
  • ID and a copy of it;

  • Proxy certified by a notary or other acts provided for by legislation.
7. How is the insurance premium calculated?

The insurance is calculated based on tariffs which vary depending on the risk degree assigned to the activity of the Insured.

8. What should you do when an insured case arises and what documents should be submitted to get the indemnity?

1. Within 24 hours after the accident, the Insured must appeal to a medical institution to get an objective assessment of the injury and to get a medical certificate confirming the accident;

2. Within 3 days after the accident, the following documents (either the original version or copies certified by a notary) should be lodged with the Insurer at the Headquarters of MOLDASIG SA, Unit of Regulation of other Damages (2 Mihai Eminescu street, Chisinau municipality):

  • Application for indemnity;

  • Insurance policy and insurance agreement;

  • IDs;

  • Documents confirming inheritance rights (for inheritors of the Insured).
9. How is the Insured indemnified?
  • In case the Insured lost temporarily his/her working capacity (trauma that did not cause any disability), the indemnity offered by the Insurer is set as follows:

  • А: according to the “Schedule of percentage amount of the insurance”

    B: depending on the length of the treatment, the indemnity is paid for every day when the Insured was unable to work.
  • In case of complete loss of working capacity, the amount of the indemnity is set depending on the degree of disability assigned to the Insured.

  • In case of death, the indemnity equals 100% of the insured amount.