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Bankcard insurance

is a new insurance product, which provides extra security when using a MAIB bankcard and covers the financial risk, in case of unpleasant events occurrence, included in the insurance policy. 
Only with one MAIB Bankcard Insurance Policy, you can obtain protection for the money in the account in case of illicit discounting and compensation of expenses for:
  • Blocking the account and issuing a new Bankcard;
  • making keys for the residence, the motor vehicle and the individual cassette of values;
  • restoring the identity documents: identity card, passport and driving license;
*the above-mentioned objects, being lost or stolen at the same time with the bankcard.

Documents for contracting: for contracting the Bankcard Insurance Policy, the MAIB Cardholder will only submit the identity card. 

Term and territory of the insurance action: the Bankcard Insurance Policy is valid 24/24 hours, expanding all over the world, with the exception of military conflict zones. 
The insured amount and the insurance premium:
Card Type Insured Amount Annual Insurance Premium
Cards form  Premium Segment 10.000/20.000 MDL 2510 MDL - card/ documents 120 MDL/240 MDL
MasterCard Standart VISA/Clasic 5000 MDL 1670 MDL - card/documents 66 MDL
Debit MasterCard/VISA Electron 3000 MDL 1 050 MDL- card/documents 40 MDL
Policyholder’s actions in case of the insured event occurrence:
In case of Card dispossession (loss, theft, burglary, robbery), the Cardholder is obliged:
  • to immediately block the Card at any branch of the bank;
  • to immediately call the police or the local legal bodies of other states, notifying about the loss/theft of the Bankcard and the insured objects;
  • to submit an application at any branch of the bank in order to obtain the confirmation of the Card blocking and the bank statement (in case of unauthorized withdrawal);
  • to notify in written form the bank branch, where the Cardholder rented the individual cassette, of the loss/theft of the key to the cassette of values;
  • to notify the Insurer of the insured risk occurrence within 10 days since the moment of occurrence by any accessible means.
The insurance indemnity will cover the stolen amount within 48 hours before the Card blocking and the expenses for restoring the keys and the acts concerned within the limits of the insurance amount. 
The Advantages of the MAIB Bankcard Insurance
  • Increased protection for the financial means from the bank account of unpredictable events;
  • Additional free benefits by providing compensations for restoring keys and documents lost or stolen at the same time with the bankcard;
  • Vast territorial coverage: validity on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, as well as abroad;
  • Minimal costs: insurance premium is accessible for all types of Bankcards;
  • Covers the cards: debit and credit cards;
  • Efficiency and simplicity: the Bankcard Insurance Policy is signed at the same time as the Card issue contract, submitting only the identity card.