Business case from maib

Well-known journalist Pavel Zingan developed a business case for maib based on talks with entrepreneurs who benefited from the bank’s financial support. It is a real case demonstrating how easy and simple any businessman can get a loan on advantageous terms, without bureaucracy and additional documents.

General information:

You are an entrepreneur and take care of raising birds. Specifically, you have a quail farm. 2021 was not the best for poultry farmers, so at the beginning of the year, you need to prepare for a new generation of quails. You urgently need 200,000 lei, but you have nothing to pledge.

The solution:

The situation described is a real case. The contractor applied for a loan from a microfinance organization in his district centre. The application was analyzed for three days, after which a guarantee was requested to ensure the repayment of the loan. In addition, the loan proved to be very expensive with high interest + commissions.

The contractor used the maib to compare the conditions.

In this case, it was unnecessary to evade the work process and come to the branch. The maib specialist went to the farm with a laptop and printer, studied the situation on the spot and offered a loan of 200,000 lei. A critical moment - the loan was granted without collateral and guarantee. The contractor was immediately approved for the loan, the necessary contracts were signed, and a bank card with the requested amount was handed to him - 200,000 lei. The whole process took up to 2 hours. By the way, maib microbusiness loan was approved within an hour.

What do you need to know about microbusiness?

The credit is granted to individuals who have income from the entrepreneurial activity and to the founders who have a participation quota of at least 50% in the share capital of the enterprise (Ltd, I.I. Peasant household). It is ideal not only for individuals working in agriculture. Credit term - up to 5 years.

As already mentioned, collateral or surety bonds are not required.

Agricultural facilities: a grace period of up to 8 months is offered annually when only the interest is paid, and the loan body is paid only within four months.

There is no monthly credit administration fee.


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