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CASCO insurance

Modern society is vitally bound to using means of transport. The car ensures the comfort, as well as allows keeping up with the alert pace of life. However, a moment of distraction, an accident or an unpredictable event can deteriorate or destroy the car, causing damages and considerable expenses. 
CASCO is the insurance, which protects Your own car of stealing, vandalism or eventual damages, whether you are or you are not responsible for their occurrence. 

The risks covered by the CASCO insurance policy.

The policyholder can choose the appropriate option:
  • The packet of risks “DAMAGE” – covers car deterioration or destruction as a result of: Traffic accident, collision, rollover, fire, explosion, natural disasters, including floods, third parties illicit actions, etc.
  • The risk “Theft” – theft of the motor vehicle or of some of its spare parts.
  • The packet of risks “MOTOR-CASCO” – covers all the risks included in the Packet of risks “DAMAGE”, as well as the Risk “THEFT” of the vehicle, its spare parts and its additional equipment. 
The insurance accepts the vehicles registered temporarily or permanently in the Republic of Moldova, the age of which is no older than 9 years old for passenger vehicles and 12 years old for the other means of transport. 
The tariff can vary depending on the characteristics. 

The required documents for entering CASCO insurance agreement: 
  • The vehicle owner’s driving license;
  • The vehicle technical passport;
  • The driving licenses of the individuals who will use the vehicle (if the case). 
The Policyholder’s actions on the insured case occurrence:
  • To notify the competent bodies of the insured event occurrence;
  • To notify the Insurer by an application within 24 hours in case of theft and 5 working days in case of other damages with the submission of documents from the police. 
The benefits of the CASCO insurance:
  • Comprises a variety of risks adjusted depending on the protection requirement;
  • The optional deductible: the CASCO policy can have or not have a deductible, as the Policyholder wishes;
  • A vast territorial coverage: it can have coverage on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, of European states and CIS;
  • Flexible insurance premium: it is calculated depending on the vehicle characteristics, the chosen territory, the packet of risks and other chosen options;
  • The possibility of payment in instalments of the insurance premium;
  • The motor vehicle under warranty repairing at an authorized dealer, for the other vehicles as the Policyholder wishes.

The advantages of the CASCO insurance:
  • Free damaged vehicle evacuation to the nearest technical service station.
  • Damages payment without police acts, twice a year, with a 5% limit of the insured amount, maximum 1000 EURO.