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Capital market services
Capital market services
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Corporate customers benefit from a wide range of products meant to finance current operations and investments. Loans are issued within the credit limits set individually for every corporate customer, which facilitates a lot access to bank financing facilities. 

Financing working capital

Working capital loans are issued for short and medium term in national and foreign currency (EUR, USD) and are aimed at financing current operations. The loans can be grantedin the form of regular loans or credit lines, revolving or overdraft loans depending on the peculiarities of customers business and their needs. Loan terms and conditions are competitive on the market, are set individually depending on the amount, repay period and borrower’s risk category. 

Financing investment projects

Investment loans are issued for medium and long term, in installments, in order to replenish customers’ investment funds: to purchase land plots, buildings, equipment, know-how, to build, reconstruct or modernize production premises, to plant and renew multiannual plantations, etc. Investment loans are in MDL or foreign currency, being secured by mortgage, movables, bank guarantees, etc.  

Financing particular activities

Loans for leasing companies, microfinance companies, public authorities and non-resident companies are tailored to the peculiarities of their activities, with the bank setting convenient repayment conditions and terms. 

Residential mortgage loans

Residential mortgage loans are given to:

  • Purchase or build apartment blocks, private houses and other adjacent real estate, as component part of residential projects;
  • Reconstruct (consolidate, modernize, furnish) or expand permanent or temporary residential buildings;
  • Overhaul residential buildings.

The amount of the loan depends on the value of the residential project, the contribution of borrower and investors (beneficiaries of apartments, houses), the value of offered guarantees (mortgage, property rights etc.).

IFI financing programs

The bank actively participates in all financing programs for small and medium-sized enterprises implemented in Moldova by international financial institutions (IFI), such as EBRD, World Bank, IFC, EIB, EFSE and others.
As a rule, the terms and conditions for IFI-financed loans set out in the financing programs provide for preferences for certain activities or categories of enterprises and are aimed at fostering and optimizing activity in certain branches of the national economy (agriculture, services, energy efficiency, rural entrepreneurship, etc.). These programs enjoy high popularity among customers.