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Foreing travel health insurance

Is the insurance policy, which protects your life and health of unpredictable events, when you plan to travel abroad for work, studies, tourism or sports competition. 
Foreign Travel Health Insurance can be contracted at any branch of MAIB, available 24/24, with a cover in all the countries of the world, except for the country of residence. 

The risks insured by the Foreign Travel Health Insurance:
The Insurer organizes and pays emergency medical services under outpatient care and hospitalization, medevac and repatriation, repatriation post mortem caused by:
  • Sudden, unexpected, urgent illness
  • Accident trauma and bodily harm 
  • Dental emergencies – first aid services within the limit of 150 EURO
  • Chronic illnesses aggravation – first aid services within the limit of 500 EURO
which occurred across the borders of the Republic of Moldova, during the insured period, on the insured territory indicated in the insurance policy and according to the Insurer’s insurance conditions. 
Period of insurance: the Foreign Travel Health Insurance can be contracted for a period between three and 365 days or with a multiple entries-exits (up to 270 days), included in the insured period. 
The insured amount: the insured amount is the maximum limit of the Insurer’s compensation and it varies from 5.000 EURO to 50.000 EURO depending on the destination. 
The required documents for contracting the insurance:
  • The travel document – the policyholder’s passport;
  • The identity card in case of individuals with a dual citizenship;
  • The residence permit in case of the foreigners.

The Policyholder’s actions on the insured case occurrence and the required documents for compensation:

The Policyholder will contact the Assistance Company on the unique telephone number indicated in the insurance policy or the Insurer before applying to a doctor or within 72 hours maximum since the claimed insured case occurrence and will follow their instructions. 
The benefits of the Foreign Travel Health Insurance
  • Offers protection for any trip abroad, whether it is a personal or a business trip, in case some health problems appear, caused by illnesses or accidents;
  • Ensures qualified medical assistance and financial support in case of illness, accident or death;
  • Flexible insurance premium which will be calculated depending on the destination country, the insured amount, the term of stay and the risk category;
  • A vast territorial coverage.