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Capital market services
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Internet Banking

Implementation of automated remote banking system is an important step in establishing a sustainable and mutually advantageous relationship between the bank and the client.

Through Internet Banking system, the client can execute directly from his office or from any computer connected to the Internet the following banking operations:
  • to manage banking accounts, including receiving the statements of accounts;
  • to make payments in local and foreign currency;
  • to make foreign exchange operations;
  • to transfer salaries within the Payroll project;
  • to exchange data with the accounting system;
  • to get reports about banking operations made;
  • to print the payment documents and the statements of accounts in .pdf, .doc, .xls format;
  • to get information about conditions and terms of the banking products, about foreign currency exchange rates and other banking information.
Internet Banking system assures a high level protection of the electronic documents against falsification and unauthorized viewing.

Internet Banking system provides the following advantages for the users:
  • Quick payments in favor of suppliers of goods or services;
  • Control of banking operations, through on – line consulting of the state of transactions and of the banking accounts;
  • Possibility to define/to retract independently the users and their roles in the system;
  • Possibility to establish limits for some payment operations as to diminishing the risk of fraud or errors when making the payments;
  • Quick access to the information about foreign exchange rates, bank codes and other useful information about banking operations;
  • High level protection of the electronic documents against falsification and unauthorized access.
EASI Banking service (Enterprise Accounting System Interface) is a part of Internet Banking that assures the possibility to access some functionalities of the Internet Banking system directly from the client’s accounting system. Thereby, after connecting to the EASI Banking service, users will perform the following banking operations directly from the accounting system:
  • Payments operations;
  • Transfer of salaries in the accounts of the employees (Payroll projects);
  • Downloading of the updated statements of accounts;
  • Viewing the status of made transactions.


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