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Capital market services
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The bank furthers the diversification of financial services provided to individuals and legal entities, by implementing new financing tools, such as leasing. MAIB-Leasing was the first to launch leasing operations in Moldova, being presently among the largest companies in this sector.

Being backed by such a sound shareholder as Moldova Agroindbank, which holds a market share of over 30% and has an irreproachable credit history, MAIB-Leasing affords backing viable projects, irrespective of how ambitious they are, and applies coherent development strategies, laying the emphasis on partnership, flexibility in the structure of transactions, competitiveness and safety.

Leasing operationsь

BC Moldova Agroindbank SA is the first bank to create a leasing company – MAIB-Leasing, which is a pioneer in the sector, offering its customers cutting-edge and highly competitive financing opportunities.

This product brings together:
  • Financial force of BC Moldova Agroindbank SA
  • Desire to provide high quality services to customers
  • Professionalism in identifying and putting into practice the best solutions for your needs.
MAIB-Leasing provides:

1. Financial leasing to purchase:
  • Cars and trucks;
  • Buses & minibuses;
  • Equipment and machineries;
  • Agricultural equipment;
  • Real estate;
  • Office equipment.
2. Leasing-related services;

3. Financial consultancy services.

Leasing advantages:
  1. Possibility of attracting big investments even by companies facing a shortage of financial means, but which have real development possibilities;
  2. The acquisition cost of capital assets is spread out over their useful economic life;
  3. Exact computation of leasing costs throughout contract life;
  4. Avoiding, at the initial stage, the immobilization of the entire amount needed for assets’ acquisition;
  5. Short list of documents related to leasing application;
  6. An advantageous interest rate for financing in national and foreign currency.
Contact information:

Head Office
49/4 Tighina street, (4th floor)
Chişinău, MD-2001

Phone: 022 844 202

Green Line 0 800 88888 (toll-free call)