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Capital market services
Capital market services
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Cashing operations

Cashing operations

Cash deposits/withdrawals in/from account

Cash can be deposited in or withdrawn from accounts in domestic or foreign currency, at bank cashier  desks. To withdraw large amounts of cash, customers must notify the bank branch at least 2 days prior to the expected withdrawal date.

Cash collection by specialized transport services

To enterprises with large cash receipts from their daily activity, the bank provides services for collecting cash via specialized transport means under conditions of maximum security.


  • Lower administrative expenses;
  • Security of transported cash;
  • Fast access to the means deposited in the account;
  • Flexible fees and commissions structure;
  • Country-wide access to the service.

Cash payments management 

The cash payments management is a product  designated for leasing companies, residential managers, education institutions and other companies that receive payments in cash from individuals benefiting from their services. Based on a contractual agreement, the bank takes over the function of receiving cash and registering in the company’s account. 

Advantages for companies:

  • Possibility of optimizing activity by eliminating cash receipt and management services; 
  • Savings of money and resources;
  • Receiving payments in all bank branches;
  • Fast access (on the same day) to the means deposited in the account;
  • Constant control over the payments received (the bank provides daily and detailed reports on the processed receipts).