mixed home insurance

Mixed home insurance
12 months
at the right price
mixed home insurance


Mixed home insurance is an insurance product specially designed to cover vital risks related to the health of the person and the property administration.

With a single policy you can ensure:


  • dwelling house or apartment, including auxiliary essential constructions (with foundation, walls and roof) of the household
  • rooms and chambers located in the apartment or apartment building

Liability to third parties

  • damage to the property of other persons and death or bodily injury of other persons caused by any insured case, including legal costs

Household items

  • furniture, carpets, unfastened mats, blinds and curtains
  • home appliances and electronics
  • annexes and installations belonging to and installed by the insured
  • clothing
  • sports equipment
  • all personal items belonging to the insured or the family

Accident insurance

  • members of the insured’s family, aged 3-70 (inclusive) who actually live at the address indicated in the insurance policy (spouse, dependent children)
  • at the customer request, the optional accident insurance is concluded with the application of the increased coefficients in the case of persons aged 0-3 years or people over the age of 70. The number of members shall not exceed 4 persons.

What are the insured risks?

Home/Household items:

  • fire or explosion;
  • lightning strike house;
  • earthquake;
  • criminal actions of third parties;
  • theft by burglary or attempted theft ;
  • water leak from tanks, pipes, tubules or drains;
  • riots and mass agitations;
  • impact with transport units (including aircraft and sea vessels), aircraft wrecks, missiles or satellites; falling off a tree or branch, antennas or satellite antennas that have been broken or destroyed; animals;
  • storm: strong wind, lightning storm or hail, which may be accompanied by snow or rain;
  • rain and rainwater flows on the house and surfaces around the house.

Liability to third parties:

  • damage to the property of other persons and death or bodily injury of other persons caused by any insured case, including legal proceedings expenses.

Accident insurance:

  • trauma resulting in bodily injury as a result of an accident

Insurance amount is determined by the parties based on the insured risk package and the amount of insurance required by the insured.

Insurance period: 12 months

commission fees

The rate is calculated according to the package with types of insurance included and the insured amount requested individually at the customer’s preference.

required documents

  • Identity card of the owner;
  • Document attesting the property right (sale-purchase contract, extract from IS Cadastru);
  • Identity documents/copies of the identity documents of the tenants of the apartment/house;
  • Power of attorney if the insurance contract is concluded by someone other than the owner.

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