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Have you taken out a loan to buy the home of your dreams, and now you can hardly afford the monthly payments? Because we understand you and we want to make it easier for you, we invite you to refinance your mortgage loan from another institution, in better conditions.

Pay a lower monthly rate for the refinanced loan!


Easier to obtain if:

  • you are between 20 and 70 years old;
  • you are a citizen of the Republic of Moldova with a residence established on the territory of the country;
  • you have a mortgage contracted with another financial institution in the Republic of Moldova.

Apply for refinancing online on

commission fees

Easier to decide:

The offer includes:

  • up to 3, 500, 000 MDL;
  • for a period of up to 30 years.

For a loan of 500,000 MDL, for a period of 20 years, you will pay approximately 4494.73 MDL per month, with an EAR of 9,36%.

ZERO commissions:

  • monthly administration fee – 0%;
  • early repayment fee – 0%;

For additional information, call the Contact Center at 022 855 185/022 855 155, on weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM.

required documents

The bank reserves the right to request supporting documents regarding your income in order to meet the prudential requirements specific to banking.

To submit the loan application, you need the real estate valuation report, completed by a company approved by the bank.

Request the evaluation report online

List of evaluators.

  • For clients officially employed in the RM: if necessary, salary account statement or salary certificate.
  • For clients employed abroad or freelancers from abroad, a bank card statement (issued by a bank) must be presented, showing the salary and/or service receipts. In addition, the employment contract or any other document proving the employment/provision of services and the declaration on the payment of taxes on the income received must be presented (if applicable, but if there are such documents, it would be better to present them in original to the bank).  Py slips are not accepted without a salary card statement.
  • For clients with dividends: financial statements for the current and previous year, shareholders' minutes of distributing dividends, and bank statements showing dividend receipts (if received at a bank other than maib). In the case of dividends paid in cash, documents confirming their issue and proof of payment of taxes will be required.
  • For clients practising one of the legal professions: statement of the account where the income is received. For notaries, accounting documents attesting to the expenses of the notary's office must also be submitted.
  • For clients with copyright assignment income: copyright assignment contract/certificate of the amount of income and statement of the bank account where the income is received.
  • For clients with income from rent/rent/lease: valid rent/rent/lease contract (registered with the SFS) and Release Orders/Payment slips for rent/rent/lease payments or statement of the account opened with maib or other financial institution, either in electronic or paper format.
    • the statement of account is submitted in electronic format or on paper signed/stamped only if the income is received through banks in the RM other than maib.
    • the bank has the right to request any other document in analysing and approving the client's request.
  • The credit agreement with the payment schedule;
  • The mortgage agreement for the credit to be refinanced.

frequent questions

Submit a request in this regard on the website You will soon be contacted by a specialist, who will answer all your questions and initiate the refinancing procedure.

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