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Salary project

Corporate customers enter into salary payment agreements with the bank, which provide for preferential issuance of cards to company employees and systematic transfer of salaries and related payments on the card accounts.

Advantages for companies:

  • Significant decrease in cash-related risk;
  • Less working time and no expense on the management/transportation of cash
  • More convenient for employees to manage their own money;
  • Interest is calculated and paid on the balance of the card/current account;
  • Lower cost as compared with the payment of salaries in cash;
  • Companies spare time during salary payment days;
  • Strengthens the image of the company in relation with its own employees;
  • Confidentiality of salaries;

Advantages for cardholders:

  • Salary cards can be used both inside and outside the country;
  • 24/7 access to account means;
  • Confidentiality of salaries;
  • Possibility to benefit from interest on means available in the account;
  • Possibility to benefit from 2 additional cards for relatives (spouse, parent, etc.);
  • No need to maintain a mandatory minimum balance on the card account;
  • Possibility to benefit from an overdraft credit on the card account;
  • Possibility to apply for other bank products: Internet Banking, SMS-notes, fixed-term deposits and others.