тotifications from clients

Dear customer,

Thank you for being with us, and we regret if something did not work out to your expectations in your relationship with maib.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of maib's products and services, or if you have encountered an unpleasant situation while working with us, please report it to us using one of the methods mentioned below:

  • by phone calling:
    • 1313 (calls only from the Republic of Moldova, standard rate number, available 24/7 from any network) for individuals;
    • 1314 (calls only from the Republic of Moldova, standard rate, available 24/7 from any network) for legal entities;
    • +373 22 45 06 03 (standard rate number, available from any network abroad);
  • e-mail, at  info@maib.md;
  • by filling in the form available on the website, in the Contacts section, option "your experience matters"
  • in any maib agency/branch;
  • by letter to: maib, Chisinau, 31 August 1989 street, 127, MD 2012 Republic of Moldova

To help us investigate the situation as best and quickly as possible and to provide you with a response as soon as possible, please include the following information in your complaint:

  • identification data:
    • individual customers: name, IDNP, contact phone number;
    • individual customers: name, IDNP, contact phone number;
  • status of the person submitting the complaint (owner/agent/representative);
  • the date on which you encountered the problem referred;
  • description as detailed as possible of the situation raised;
  • attach any documents that might help to verify the situation quickly;
  • the method chosen for receiving the reply to the complaint (in writing, by telephone or by e-mail).

You should know that as soon as we receive your complaint, it goes through several stages:

  • receiving and registering your complaint. If you wish, you will be able to request your registration number through any of the contact methods mentioned above;
  • examining of the complaint, which includes:
    • investigating the problem raised objectively and responsibly by the legislation in force;
    • identificating the errors that led to the situation and the rapid implementation of the measures necessary to remedy them;
  • sending the response will contain the examination outcome, the Bank's official position, the reasons for it and the measures that have been or are to be taken about the products/services you use.

Although we intend to respond to you as quickly as possible, issues in certain exceptional situations (e.g., correspondence with bank partners, obtaining archived documents, complex investigations/operations, etc.) may prolong the time required for verification and remediation.

Thus, the maximum time within which we can provide you with a solution to your complaint is 14 calendar days, with the possibility of extending up to 14 days in exceptional situations such as those listed above, but will not exceed 30 days.

If the analysis of your complaint is prolonged, we will inform you about this.

Regulation on the mechanisms for dealing with complaints within maib

The National Commission for Financial Markets is the supervisory authority in financial services consumer protection. Complaints can be submitted by e-mail (respecting the regulations on electronic form - with the application of electronic signature) at office@cnpf.md or by post at the CNPF headquarters, in the mailbox located at the entrance to the institution's headquarters (mun. Chișinău, bd. Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt, 77). The telephone number for consumers is 022 85 95 95, with a standard rate according to the network and the type of service the person has..

We assure you that your submission is very valuable to us and contributes to improving the experiences we create and our work. By submitting your complaint, you help us to improve, and we thank you for that.

With appreciation,
Maib team

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