updating company data

Updating the data of your company in maib is essential for ensuring smooth and straightforward banking services. This will help improve communication and maintain your financial security in accordance with all standards.


What data should be updated?

To ensure the most accurate and efficient communication, it's essential to update the following information about your company:

  1. contact details
  2. legal and actual address of the company
  3. copies of ID documents of founders/shareholders
  4. description of the business activity
  5. description of transactions conducted through the Bank


When should the data be updated?

Regularly: Regardless of whether changes have occurred or not, company data should be confirmed after a specific period. You will receive a message from maib with the updating deadline, sent to the company's email address.

In case of changes: Any modification to previously provided information should be reported immediately. This way, we ensure that the data is always up-to-date and accurate.


Who can update the company data?

The process of updating the company's data can be done by the company's legal representative, identified by an ID, at any maib branch.


What happens if you don't update the data?

Updating the data is necessary to comply with all legal provisions and current regulations. In this way, we ensure that all transactions are carried out in accordance with legal requirements. This measure helps not just the bank, but also clients and the state to maintain the financial system's safety.

By updating the data on time, you avoid last-minute processes and potential restrictions that may gradually be applied to the products and services contracted by your company. This way, we provide a pleasant and efficient banking experience.

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