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In 2023, the employees of the headquarters moved to the new office - maib park, located in the heart of Chișinău, near the Public Garden "Stefan Cel Mare și Sfânt". The headquarters looks like a Silicon Valley technology campus and is designed to be versatile from several perspectives:

  • strengthens maib's reputation as a top talent employer in Moldova;
  • positions maib as a leading bank with the best service for its customers;
  • enables flexible and agile working, teamwork and collaboration to create innovative digital products;
  • highlights maib's focus on openness, transparency and sustainability.

above-ground floors


parking spaces on underground floors


meters high

22 500

square metres



An office to attract and retain the most talented employees

Every element of the office concept is designed to provide an experience aligned with maib's purpose and values. The office is a space for creativity and personal development and is equipped with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, providing an optimal environment for collaboration and innovation. The opening of the new office is an important moment in maib's transformation, also due to the fact it brings together, in one location, more than 800 employees who were previously located in five offices in Chișinău.

The opening of the new headquarters signifies maib's dedication to:

  • providing an exciting and rewarding work environment for its employees;
  • encouraging and supporting the professional and personal development of the team;
  • creating opportunities to work on important projects in the field, stimulating innovation, digital transformation into a future-ready bank;
  • supporting employee involvement in sustainable activities such as recycling, cycling to work, using public transport and energy-efficient means of transport;
  • developing agile and flexible hybrid working: working from the office and working from home;
  • focusing on the well-being of maib employees.

From idea to project

Construction began in 2018, with some breaks during the pandemic and was inaugurated in 2023.

The maib park office was designed by local and international designers and architects, and built by local companies with the highest building expertise, applying top standards and using the highest quality and energy-efficient solutions and materials.

It is an office that, soon after its popularity, became much loved both for its chromatics, generous space, and comfortable floor plan, as well as for its state-of-the-art technologies and built-in smart systems.

Procesul de construcție al clădirii maib
Procesul de construcție al clădirii maib 1

Agile spaces


The project team excelled in creating and designing an office where the maib team, customers and partners feel welcome and comfortable working. The office has a modern, innovative design with plenty of natural light and an open-plan style.

With an exterior designed almost entirely of glass, and an interior designed as open space, maib park conveys the transparency, openness and responsiveness that maib demonstrates in its interaction with clients, in its decisions and innovations, transparency being one of the company's core values.

The basic concept of the building's interior design is open space, opting to transform the classic back office, with enclosed and bounded spaces, removing hierarchical barriers between people and encouraging employee interaction in a friendly environment.

Maib park residents can collaborate but also discover each other in the following open spaces: actual work areas, spaces for informal interactions, areas for discussion and leisure time, a gym, canteen, café, and exhibition gallery.

The new office also offers areas dedicated to private meetings or discussions, such as co-working areas, meeting rooms, and soundproof booths. Although the spaces provide privacy and is soundproof, they are enclosed by glass walls, further abandoning the idea of closed and completely separate rooms. So, wherever they are, maib employees spend their working day in a space with plenty of natural light, modern and innovative open-plan design and transparency.

The colours inside maib park - yellow, red, mint, dark blue and white - are aligned with the maib brand identity, complementing the modern feel of the work and relaxation spaces.

Yellow adds a vibrant and energetic touch, reflecting the dynamism and excitement associated with maib park's work and relaxation spaces. Red adds a touch of intensity and vitality, which creates an active and inspiring atmosphere. The mint shades bring a fresh and calming touch, helping to create a balanced and relaxing environment. Dark blue adds a touch of elegance, providing a pleasant contrast in the overall composition of the interior. White adds brightness, harmoniously complementing the symphony of colours.

Using these shades, maib park combines modern style with brand identity, providing an attractive and functional environment for employees and customers.

We will be happy to work in the maib park office with other companies which want to offer their employees workspace in a modern, ultra-central office location that is convenient and equipped with the necessary functionality.

Contact us for office rental questions at


The relaxation zones in maib park offer our employees a place to unwind and revive their creativity.

With a strong focus on employee well-being, maib park has been designed to ensure the comfort and well-being of our employees. From the indoor green areas and kitchenettes to the fitness room and relaxing mezzanine café, we strive to balance efficient work and personal well-being.

The kitchenettes on every floor are conducive to refreshing breaks, allowing employees to relax and socialise in an informal setting. The fitness room in maib park complements the employee experience, promoting an active lifestyle and contributing to better overall health.

We aim to provide an environment where employees can improve their well-being and relax during working hours.

As you enter the maib park, you will feel the friendly atmosphere and responsible approach. From eco-friendly building materials to efficient lighting systems, we have integrated sustainability principles into every aspect of our interior design. Engineered systems offer the best solutions supporting environmental and European quality and efficiency standards while implementing a controlled lighting system based on DALI technology.

Thanks to the panoramic glazing, more than 70% of the interior space is illuminated by natural light, thus minimising electricity consumption. The facade of the building has a combined structure, a large part of which is made of double-glazed glass, the aluminium systems being produced by "SCHUCO" and the glass construction (HP SILVER) by "Guardian glass". The external walls were equipped with ventilated facade systems covered with ceramic tiles and granite. Such a facade structure will contribute to the energy efficiency of the building, ensuring optimised maintenance costs and maximum sound insulation inside. A Building Management System (BMS) has also been implemented to monitor and manage engineering systems efficiently.


Victor Miculeț
Vice Chairman of the Boards of Directors

The subject concerning the need for a new location for maib's headquarters has long been on the agenda of the Bank's Board of Directors. The previous headquarters had become too small and overcrowded for the maib team. Interaction between the teams was complex due to the teams' location in different sectors and offices in Chișinău. After several years of searching and several options examined, following a tender, we selected the former hotel premises, located at 127 31 August 1989 street, to develop a modern, spacious and comfortable building for the employees working in the maib headquarters.

Today, maib park is a landmark building with the best working conditions for employees. The care for the team is reflected in almost every detail.

At the same time, maib park also offers excellent working conditions for other companies and institutions that want to provide their teams with modern working conditions. We aim to bring under the maib umbrella customers and partners of the bank, respectable companies with values that resonate with those of maib.

Marcel Teleucă
maib Vice Chairman of the Management Board, in charge of the construction of the maib park office

To express what the maib park project means to me, I somehow feel that only a few months from moving into the new premises is too short a period compared to the 7 years from the acquisition of the land and the former hotel complex buildings, the 5 and a half years from the start of the construction works to the start of the activity in the new maib park premises.

About the maib park building itself, I also said at the festive opening, "it is a building that speaks about how maib wants to be perceived and how it is, in fact, today: confident in its strengths through its people, transparent, open, colourful, agile and dynamic, a building that says where maib is heading and where it is going tomorrow".

Doina Fetco
Marketing Director

The philosophy behind the maib park office is about open space, which conveys the message of 'openness' and transparency in everything we do and are. After many years during which the team was based in different locations, the most important message was that we were finally together, and this helped quite a lot in how we interacted. We even sometimes got to know people we used to talk to for long periods only on the phone.

In the new maib park office context, we had several challenges that required creative and bold approaches. For the marketing team, one of these challenges was branding the building and the entrance.

Creating, inspiring, and simplifying in an office like maib park is lovely. I see significant changes in the interaction between colleagues, who, after a long time when they only heard each other in online meetings or on the phone, can now talk face to face, so situations are solved much faster. In general, people have become more cheerful, more open, and more beautiful!

Victor Razhev
IT Director

Alongside other teams, IT played a key role in creating the future 'home' of maib. Together with my team, we put our 'heart' and 'soul' into making our home to become a model office for us and the whole country.

It is one of the biggest and most awaited projects for the maib team. It is a fantastic, country-wide, technologically developed, modern, and elegant project. The project makes me proud and happy that we are the most incredible team to implement a great and bold project in the city center and the heart of a beautiful country.

From the technological point of view, the whole project was complex. A lot had to be planned and implemented, from internal communications based on the latest SDN technologies (launched for the first time in Moldova) to mobile communications and their seamless availability in all building areas.

Iulia Bogușevschi
Head of Corporate Communication Band

Communication about the new maib park office started long before the actual move of the teams in August 2023. We aimed to position the new headquarters as an ultra-modern office so the external public would know about all the state-of-the-art facilities and technologies implemented. We proposed to communicate about the office through the lens of brand values. The office is also customer-centric (in this case, primarily employee-centric), offering varied opportunities to create, inspire and simplify, encouraging transparency, openness, communication, team spirit, and sustainable approaches to the environment.

Once we moved to the new office, we continued the communication, aiming to position maib park as a magnet office for the best professionals in the market, an attractive location for talent.

The maib park headquarters is an ongoing inspiration, and we will continue to communicate about maib park, maib WoW (WoW - short for way of working) and maib people.

Ecaterina Larina
Head of Development and Internal Communication Band

The biggest challenges in the moving process and staffing of maib park have been finding solutions to keep everyone satisfied and every employee happy. Working with people is not always easy because we are all different. We have expectations, and we want them to be met. But, through a lot of communication, maturity and compromise, we have achieved all of them.

The biggest satisfaction was when maib people moved in and appreciated the new office, and after a week of "living" at maib park we felt like we had lived here forever.

I believe that all the challenges were simple to solve thanks to the team of responsible and dedicated professionals, with whom we worked evenings and weekends to get it all done well and on time.

In a few words, moving to maib park from teams previously working in several offices in the capital was intense, challenging and... I would live it all over again.

Ultra-central location

Maib park is located on 127, 31 August 1989 Street, Chisinau, near the "Ștefan cel Mare si Sfânt" Public Garden, the Palace of the Republic, the State Residence, government institutions, museums, restaurants, etc.

It has areas with different destinations, it is designed taking into account the best modern practices and has multiple facilities: open space and co-working spaces, meeting rooms, soundproof booths, spaces for informal interactions, areas for discussions and pleasant time, a gym, canteen, a cafe, an exhibition gallery, a conference hall (Auditorium), a parking area.

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