international awards:

the banker

„bank of the year” (2012, 20192020 , 2021 , 2022, 2023)

global finance

"The Best Bank in Moldova" (2009, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 202020212022 and 2023)

"Best Foreign Exchange Provider in the Republic of Moldova" (2011)

”Best SME Bank in Moldova” (2022, 2023)



"The Best Bank in Moldova(2007, 20082009, 20112021 and 2023)

Market Leader in Corporate, Digital Solutions and Corporate Social Responsibility (2022, 2023)

"The best bank in Moldova for SMEs" and "The best bank in Moldova in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)" (2023)

EMEA finance

Best bank in Moldova (2021, 2022)

global banking & finance review

"The best commercial bank in Moldova" (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

"Best Digital Bank Moldova" (2020 și 2021)

SEE news

100th place in the "TOP 100 SEE" ranking in 2010, 88th place in 2012, 75th place in 2013, 81st place in 2014, 67th place in 2018, 64th place in 2019, 65th place in 2020, 61st place in 2021

raiffeisen bank international

Award for Excellence in Quality "Straight-Through Processing Quality Award" (STP) (2021)


Awards for Promoting the Olympic Initiative (2016)

"Leader in issuing contactless Visa cards in the Republic of Moldova" (2017) 

Award for active promotion of payments in the field of electronic commerce (2017)

Certificate for active promotion of Visa sponsorship activities dedicated to the 2018 World Cup 

„On the way to the summit” and „New segment discovery” (2023)



"Top Issuer" (2014)

"Leader in Acquiring" in Moldova (2019, 2020)

"Leader in Card Performance" in Moldova (2021)

„Cashless Leader” and „Industry Breakthrough”  in Moldova (2022)

international agency „RIA Rating”

"The largest bank in the Republic of Moldova" in the Top Leaders among CIS commercial bank (2014)

world finance

"The most stable bank in Moldova" (2010)

finance central Europe

"The best bank in Moldova" (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2020

European bank for reconstruction and development and the European commission

"The most active bank in the Republic of Moldova within the Trade Finance Program(2009)

"The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's Trade Facilitation Program (TFP) Most Active Bank in 2011(2012)

"UE-BERD Sustainable Energy Excellence 2012 Award" (2012)

Commerzbank AG Frankfurt, Germania

award for excellent quality in making international payments and interbank transfers (2010, 2013, 2015

ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH

QUality meDAL - DEEPMA in Moldova (2014)


excellence award for the best start in Moldova (2014)

bank association of central and eastern Europe (BACEE)

Gold Award for excellent and transparent presentation and comprehensive disclosure of information in the Annual Report (2015, 2016)

capital finance international (CFI)

"Best Social Impact Bank - Moldova" (2017, 2018)

EVM Consulting Investment Consulting Agency

Leader in the Ranking of efficiency of commercial banks in the Republic of Moldova (2011)

"The most efficient bank in Moldova(2012)

"The most capitalized company on the Stock Exchange of Moldova" (2014)

national awards:

chamber of commerce and industry of the Republic of Moldova

"Golden Mercury" at the nomination:

  • "Profi" - The most successful long-term strategy of the trademark (more than 5 years) on the Moldovan market (2010)
  • "Social Responsibility" (2014, 2015, 2019 and 2020)
  • "Consecrated brand" (2016)
  • "Reputation and Trust" (2017, 20182020 and 2022)
  • "Leader of the Year" (2019)
  • "Online Business" (2021)
  • "Rebranding" (2022)

Award for achievements in the field of quality (2017 and 2019)

"Goddess of Quality" (2018)

"Crystal Mercury" at the "Beginning of the Year" nomination, for the launch of LiberCard (2019)

Distinction of Excellence, for the productive activity within the Chamber system, constant economic performances and the promotion of the image of the Republic of Moldova abroad (2020)

Gold Medal in the category "Financial Services", nomination "Beginning of the Year" for GAMA Cards (2021)

Honorary diploma in the category "Large enterprises", nomination "Implementation of integrity standards in the private sector" (2021)

VIP magazin

"Top 100 successful brands in Moldova" (2016)

"Brand of the Year" in the Banking/Insurance/Finance category, in the "Brands of the Year" rankings (2020, 2019 and 2018)

national olympic committee of the Republic of Moldova

"Champion in Business” (2012)

Diploma in high recognition for supporting the Olympic Team and promoting Olympic values (2014, 2017)

Award for its contribution to the development of the Olympic Movement (2018)

Award for sharing and promoting sportsmanship and Olympic values in our country (2019)

Trophy "Sport without Borders", awarded for the promotion of sport and the Olympic movement (2020

sports press association

Diploma of the Sports Press Association of the Republic of Moldova for promotion and support of national sport and sports press (2015)

agency for intervention and payments in agriculture

„The most cooperative bank in support of agricultural producers” (2017, 2020)

top employer.

according to the study "Employer brand perception and career aspirations of graduates in the Republic of Moldova", conducted with the support of the American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova (AmCham Moldova), maib is at the top of the employment preferences of university graduates.

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