Flexibility, speed and responsiveness to change: maib implements agile

Maib is in process of implementing agile organizational setup, and the first teams of front-runners have started rolling out. After a month of intensive training with international experts and coaches they are expected to begin their work under the agile setup in May.

Intro. Maib goes agile - more than a slogan

Why agile? As a bank, maib aims to become more flexible and efficient, to increase the speed with which it acts, reacts and makes innovative products available to its customers. It aims to change traditional conservative processes into fast and innovative ones, and increase the level of digitization.

As an employer, maib aims to provide its employees with next-level experience, an environment in which each employee develops multilateral skills and creative thinking, an environment in which they can develop, take responsibility and go beyond, an environment in which employees can feel fulfilled at work.

We underline that maib is the first bank in Moldova and in the region to start the complex process of agile implementation. It will help transform the way bank operates, by creating a new standard of customer experience to make clients' lives easier, better and more flexible.

We are agile, innovative, and value teamwork 

During the first meeting of front-runners and maib management "orchestras" were presented. These are new agile-style structures, consisting of interdisciplinary teams, specialists who previously worked in different subdivisions (product managers, risk managers, lawyers, marketing managers, etc.), but who met in an orchestra to work together on project development. In the new structures, the teams will work autonomously, developing processes, products, testing them by consulting with customers and optimizing them, so that everything they develop will meet and exceed customer expectations.

The advantages of such an approach are many: decisions are going to be made quickly, and the expertise of specialists in various fields who will work simultaneously on the same development is going to give a broader view of the processes, ensuring added value and improving the customer experience.

Also, were presented:

- the mission, objectives, structure of the first orchestras formed in maib, these being dedicated to the Retail and Business Banking fields;

- the new workspaces are comfortably arranged, in open space style. This design is set up to encourage discussions, debates and the decision-making process;

- the agenda of the boot camps and trainings was presented to the first teams, the trainings preceding the actual activity in agile format.

Giorgi Shagidze, maib CEO:

"The world is changing with dizzying speed and it is natural for us to change in order to be competitive not only today, but also in the future. Based on international best practices, we decided to implement agile within maib. Successful banks around the world have already implemented or are in the process of implementing agile, changing the traditional format into the modern, innovative one, which allows us to respond quickly and proactively to our customers' expectations and keep pace with market developments. The share of loans and other products offered online is constantly growing. Our customers migrate online and we will develop products for them that make their lives simpler, better and more flexible, with an agile approach. I wish a lot of success to the first teams that are going to transform their way of working into an agile one and I congratulate them because they are the pioneers of this complex transformation process”.

Together to the next level!

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