state securities operations

As a Primary Dealer in the State Securities Market (SS), BC "MAIB "S.A, offers its clients access to the primary and secondary markets of SS.

On the primary market, the bank offers its clients the possibility to purchase SS using auctions for their sale for the following maturities:

  • 91days ;
  • 182 days;
  • 364 days;
  • 730 days ;
  • other maturities according to the terms of issuance of SS by the Ministry of Finance.

Participation in a new issuance of SS will be made according to the schedule (timetable) of issuance of MSF approved by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova.
On the secondary market through the bank, clients can perform the following operations with SS:

  • Sale/purchase of SS;
  • Pledging of SS;
  • Transfer of SS to/from the account of a primary dealer and vice versa;
  • REPO and REVERSE REPO agreements.

For further information on operations with SS you can contact any BC "MAIB "S.A. branch.

The calendar of the auctions for the sale of SS on the primary market, the official announcements of the Ministry of Finance for the placement of SS, the evolution of interest rates on SS, and the results of the auctions for the sale of SS are available at

Press release on the placement of government securities for auction on 14.05.2024

Investor’s Guide to Government securities 

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