current accounts

BC “MAIB” SA opens bank accounts for individuals in compliance with the legislation in force.

Each individual can open several accounts in national currency and/or in foreign currency, regardless of the administrative-territorial location, respecting the legislative framework.
This banking product allows you to manage your money more easily and efficiently, having the possibility to make payments, cash money and make bank transfers, your money always being safe.

Why is it worth opening an account at BC “MAIB” S.A

  • It is the largest bank in Moldova, which holds important shares in the banking system and guarantees your money’s safety.
  • We have an extensive network of branches and agencies that allow you to access your account from anywhere.
  • We maintain wide relationships with correspondent banks in many countries, so you can make transfers abroad and vice versa easily.
  • We know the value of your money. That’s why you can count on us.
  • Here, you will not only keep the money, but you will get income based on it.
  • We value our customers and ensure a high-level service.

The documents required for opening/modifying/closing the current account/deposit account are:

A) in the case of an account opening by the customer in person:

  • the customer’s identity document presented in original and in copy

B) in the case of an account opening by an authorized person:

  • the identity document of the person authorized to open the account presented in original and in copy.
  • the costumer’s identity document presented in a notarized/ superlegalized/ apostilled copy;
  • a power of attorney, certifying the authorization to open the account in the original or its notarized/superlegalized/ apostilled copy.

Schedule of payment orders receipt
within BC “MAIB” S.A.

Payment orders in national currency and foreign currency, ordered by the bank’s customers, are executed by the bank on the same banking day if they are received and accepted by the bank until:

Tipul ordinelor de plată

Orele de primire

Ordine de plată emise pe suport de hârtie:

  • în monedă naţională
  • în valută străină


08:30 / 09:00* - 16:00

Ordine de plată transmise prin sistemele de deservire bancară la distanţă*)

  • în monedă naţională
  • în valută străină


* În funcție de programul de lucru al subdiviziunilor băncii


*) Payment orders sent by the bank's customers through the remote banking service systems after the deadline, on working days and non-working days days, will be executed by the bank on the next working day.
The international credit transfer, related to the payment order in foreign currency, will be executed by the bank on the receiptday, with the settlement date on the same banking day, if the respective payment order will be received by:
16:00 – in case of payment orders in USD;
13:30 – in case of payment orders in EUR and other foreign currencies.

Information possibilities regarding the account balance

The deposits of individuals and legal entities are guaranteed up to the coverage level of MDL 100,000. More details here.

BC ”Maib” SA is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme of the Republic of Moldova.

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