Cheers for professional excellence: maib employees - awarded by the Association of Moldovan Banks

Excellence is an expression of the constant character of the maib team. We are proud of the high quality of work and offer an exceptional customer service that meets and exceeds expectations.

Professional, customer-oriented, trustworthy, innovative, with a team spirit, simply - extraordinary, that's how maib employees are.

On the Banker's Professional Day, the Association of Moldovan Banks, in recognition of the professional merits of the banking sector, awarded 17 professionals. We cheer and congratulate our colleagues:

  • Adrian Rusica, Corporate Customer Relations Manager, Corporate Customer Department
  • Serghei Macovschi, Credit risk manager, Underwriting Department, Credit Risk Assessment Department
  • Aliona Mustea, Head of Customer Service Quality Department
  • Tatiana Vieru,  Account manager, Retail Product Development Department
  • Gheorghe Cepraga, Product Manager, Retail Product Development Department
  • Natalia Frunza, Head of Branch Support Group, Customer Service Quality Department
  • Victoria Rusu, Retail Portfolio Manager, Offline Network Sales Department
  • Vitalie Lungu, Deputy Chief, Cards Department
  • Veaceslav Popodneac, Deputy Chief, Administration Department
  • Veaceslav Popodneac, Deputy Chief, Administration Department
  • Neonila Negruta, Regional Director, Business Banking Sales Department
  • Maria Rosca, Marketing Manager, Marketing Department
  • Igor Damian, Deputy Head, Information Technology Department
  • Silvia Plesca, Deputy Head, Systems Analysis Department
  • Alexandr Golubenco, Senior Engineer-Programmer, Digital Channels Development Department
  • Sergiu Puiu, Chief Auditor, Department

The supreme award of the Association - the honorary medal "Bank Merit" - was given to Lucia Chircu, head of the Underwriting Department, Credit Risk Assessment Department.

Giorgi Shagidze, maib CEO

"Maib is the leader in the banking sector on most segments, with an outstanding reputation among customers and partners. The new strategy involving innovative technologies and projects would not be feasible without a team of professionals, such as the maib team. I would like to thank AMB for this tradition of rewarding the best bank employees, inspiring and encouraging them to become better and more competent every day."

Svetlana Bodaci, HR Director:

"I want to thank the Association of Moldovan Banks for the opportunity to appreciate and reward the maib professionals every year. The best and most competent employees work at maib, the standard of the model banker. Congratulations to the 17 award-winning colleagues and the entire maib team because we are advancing together to the next level through professional excellence!"

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