The maib team – for the third year in the race „Foc la ghete pe biciclete”, supporting „Casa Angelus”

70 cyclists, including four members of the maib team, pedalled 102 km on the route Chisinau-Isacova-Chisinau to support children and adults suffering from incurable diseases in a progressive or advanced stage and with a limited life expectancy. "Foc la ghete pe biciclete" charity run is in its third edition and was organized by the Hospice Angelus Moldova Foundation, 70 thousand MDL being collected from the registration fee and donations from partners, sponsors and individuals.

Along with other cycling enthusiasts and performance athletes, Alexandrina Dobrovolschi, Mihai Iordăchescu, Maxim Chirița and Stanislav Climovici from maib resonated with the purpose of the competition, they wanted to participate to help the beneficiaries of the "Casa Angelus" services and to sensitize the public opinion regarding the importance of palliative care.

Alexandrina, Mihai, Stanislav and Maxim signed up for the race for the second year in a row and confessed that they enjoyed every kilometre to the fullest. As they are part of the "Activ la Superlativ" maib running community, "Foc la ghete pe biciclete" race was a good endurance training, but also a special pleasure offered by the picturesque places of the country. Even though there were less pleasant moments, that didn't stop them from continuing the race and reaching the finish line.

Alexandrina Dobrovolschi, Senior Specialist in financial institutions and external relations:

"Participating in the "Foc la ghete pe biciclete" tour was a challenge for me, as the distance of 102 km is not so small. For the second consecutive year, I had the honour to represent maib at this competition, and I am glad to be part of a team so sensitive to the importance of palliative care. The race was not an easy one at all, with minor accidents due to unprofessionalism, but I finished it brilliantly, and I am extremely proud of myself because I managed to beat my own records. During the race, just like in life, I fell, I got up, I was bandaged, and I went on, until the end".

Mihai Iordachescu, POS Payments Manager:

"I have repeatedly joined this initiative with great pleasure, and I am delighted that the athletes are paying attention to this unique Palliative Care Center in Moldova."Foc la ghete pe biciclete" race was cool, with positive, energetic and ambitious people. Weather supported us, and we cycled more in the shade, allowing us to reach "Casa Angelus" in Orhei strong and happy, which is extremely necessary for the children there, which encourages and detaches from suffering. Congratulations to all participants! Well done, colleagues! Well done, maib!".

Stanislav Climovici, Senior Data Engineer:

"I could not remain indifferent to the case of the children at "Casa Angelus". I am participating for the second year, and in the future, I intend to continue to stand by the supporters and participants of this race. It is one of the projects that must continue because it promotes the active way of life and contributes to the support of a noble cause".

Maxim Chirița, Senior data modeler:

"Participating last year as well, this time, I was better prepared as I already knew what efforts it would be necessary to make. I decided to join the competition because I think it is important to let the whole society know that there are children with incurable diseases who need special care, especially in the context where funds for such palliative care centers are primarily collected only from charitable campaigns. I am glad that through my participation, I was able to help as little as possible, and I will try to participate more often in such events".

During the entire race, the participants were accompanied by a medical team and a police car and received water and snacks. At the end, they enjoyed an outdoor picnic, a raffle with prizes, a trip to the territory of the Paediatric Palliative Care Center "Angelus House", they discovered the social business "Angelus Agro", and received cups and participation certificates.

Hospice Angelus Moldova Foundation is the main palliative care provider for adults and children suffering from incurable, progressive, terminal diseases. The "Casa Angelus" Paediatric Palliative Care Center was founded in 2017 in Isacova village, Orhei district, and currently is taking care of several children with severe health problems, some of them with terminal cancer. The resources necessary for the free provision of services and the "Angelus House" activity are mostly accumulated from charity events.

Good deeds define us. Together we are better!

About maib

Maib has been a partner of Hospice Angelus Moldova Foundation for over 10 years through its corporate social responsibility policy investing in social projects and community support. During the last years, the bank offered support in implementing several initiatives of the organization, having the certainty that "Involvement makes the difference". Through the internal communities made up of bank employees (football, tennis, volleyball, runners), maib aims to inspire society to adopt a superlatively active and healthy way of life.

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