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Warning - virus attacks! 13.11.2019

Warning - virus attacks!

Dear customers,

BC „Moldova Agroindbank” SA informs you about the virus attempts intensification for the purpose of fraudulently access the data of the bank accounts.

Recently there have been registered cases when bank clients received e-mail messages, which claim to have been sent on behalf of Moldova Agroindbank and contain the symbolism of the bank. We note that Moldova Agroindbank DOES NOT send such messages, these being sent from fake email accounts (for example,, which do not belong to the bank.

These messages contain a malicious attachment (for example, "Proof of processed transfer payment is attached"), when accessing this, it can lead to computer or other device viruses. As a result of the virus, criminals have access to the recipients' personal data, including bank account data.

In order not to become the victim of such an attack we recommend:

Do not access links or open attachments from dubious emails received from unknown persons / addresses.

• Install anti-virus software and make sure your operating systems are up to date (computer, mobile, any other device with Internet connection).

• If you have already noticed that your device is virus-infected and your bank account access data has been compromised, please ask a technical specialist to delete the malicious code and change your access passwords to Internet Banking, Email, etc.

Moldova Agroindbank takes all the necessary measures to counteract these malicious attempts, including by informing the investigation bodies in order to identify and block the sources of these attacks.