split in installments

a loan through which you can return money for purchases already made
debit MDL
in Moldova and abroad
100 000 MDL/ per transaction
from 9.60%
split in installments

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this credit implies your legal responsibility and must be repaid. Verify your repayment capacity before signing the credit contract.

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the amount shown is indicative and does not represent a contractual commitment by maib


For the first time in Moldova, maib has launched the new split in installments credit, available on all maib debit cards in MDL, which allows you to return money on purchases already made directly to the card. Split the amount into convenient installments quickly and easily directly from the maibank app.

The amount of eligible purchases can be split into equal split in installment to be paid later - you can select 3, 6, 9 or 12 installments.

The minimum credit amount that can be returned using installments is 1 000 MDL / per request.

How does it work?

  • open the maibank app;
  • subscribe to the credit offer;
  • find split in installments;
  • from the list of eligible transactions, choose the ones you want to pay back;
  • select the number of installments;
  • choose the card to which the money will be transferred and the date when you want to pay the monthly installment;
  • enjoy the new opportunities with your returned money.

You get fixed interest for the whole loan period:

  • 9.60% and EAD of 10.03% if you receive your salary or pension on a maib card;
  • 10.60% and EAD of 11.13% if you do not receive your salary or pension on a maib card.

Eligible transactions:

  • any transaction on your statement over 200 MDL made up to  90 days before the request date, which has the split in installments pictogram;
  • payments in any currency, made with debit cards in MDL within the country and abroad;
  • POS payments, online payments and payments for utilities.



Payment system, card type and currency

  • Mastercard and Visa debit card
  • currency: MDL 

Eligible transactions

POS terminal and online payments, both in Moldova and abroad

No additional limits

You are free to refund money from transaction, even if made abroad, regardless of the merchant, as long as it was madeusing a debit card in MDL

As you wish

You can choose the number of installments—3, 6, 9, or 12 months—according to your lifestyle

No additional fees

You won't incur any additional fees, regardless of the type of transaction you choose


In just a few minutes, you can get a credit and retrieve the money spent on transactions in the last 90 days

You choose the number of transactions

We do not limit you in choosing the number of transactions you want to return


It is really easy to return the monthly rate split in installments – directly from your maibank application


Access split in installments if you are between 20 and 70 years old and meet the following requirements:

  • you are a maibank user;
  • you have a debit card in MDL Visa or Mastercard issued by maib;
  • you are a resident and citizen of the Republic of Moldova with legal residence here;
  • you have an eligible income of at least 3000 MDL/month and meet the requirements for determining your ability to pay with no arrears.

Do you need support to access the functionality? Contact us at 1313.

calculation example

  • if you receive your salary/pension on a maib card, by contracting a split in installments loan of 10,000 MDL for a term of 12 months, you benefit from a fixed interest rate of 9,60% per annum and an APR of 10,03%. The total payable amount will be 10,547.35 MDL, divided into 12 monthly payments of 878.95 MDL each.
  • if you receive your salary/pension on a card issued by another bank, by contracting a split in installments loan of 10,000 MDL for a term of 12 months, you benefit from a fixed interest rate of 10,60% per annum and an APR of 11,13%. The total payable amount will be 10,603.00 MDL, divided into 12 monthly payments of 883.58 MDL each.

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