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B.C. "MAIB" S.A. makes payment transactions for customers through their current accounts, opened in the bank's branches or remotely through the option to become a customer

Payments are processed based on payment orders made by customers on paper (on the form provided by the bank) or issued electronically through the internet banking system to which customers have authorized access (they are subscribers).



Payment orders in national or foreign currency, ordered by the bank's customers on paper, shall be executed on the same banking day if received and accepted by the bank by the established deadline of the business day. Payment orders received after the cut-off time or on a non-business day for the bank shall be deemed to have been received on the next business day. Payment orders with URGENT transfer type submitted after the deadline will not be received for execution.

For payment services provided to customers, the bank will charge fees following the Register of Fees and Commissions applied by B.C. "MAIB" S.A. on services provided to customers, in force at the time of payment processing



Customers can make payments related to the current business using various payment tools:

  • ordinary payments (in national and foreign currency);
  • scheduled payments;
  • multiple payments (bundled payments);

The schedule for the receipt of payment orders within B.C. "MAIB" S.A.

Payment orders in national currency and foreign currency, ordered by the bank's customers, shall be executed by the bank on the same banking day if received and accepted by the bank as follows:

Payment orders type Operation hours

Paper payment orders

  • in national currency
  • in foreign currency

08:30 a.m. / 09:00 a.m.* - 4:00 p.m.

Payment orders submitted via remote banking systems

  • in national currency**



  • in foreign currency ***

08:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

* Depending on the working hours of the bank's subdivisions

** Instant processing advantages:

  • You make intrabank transfers in MDL (maib - maib transfer), unless additional details are required or the transfer amount is more than 100,000 MDL
  • You can always top up the maib business card from your maib current account and vice versa.
  • You sell and buy foreign currency, using your maib accounts, according to the commercial exchange rate offered at the time of the transaction.
  • You transfer your wages by 8:30 p.m. unless further details are required.
  • You also carry out other transactions, which will be processed on the next business day.

*** Foreign currency payment orders will be executed by the bank on the day of receipt, with the currency date on the same banking day, if the time of receipt is before hours: 

1:30 p.m. – for EUR payment orders ;

4:00 p.m. – for USD payment orders;

10.00 a.m. – for payment orders in other foreign currencies.

Payment orders in foreign currency processed after the times indicated above will be executed with the currency date on the next working day for the correspondent bank through which the related loan transfer is made.

Note: In the bank statement, transactions made on Saturday until the end of the operational day are reflected on Friday. The others are transferred to the following operational day. Transactions made on Sunday are reflected on the next operational day - Monday. The exception is official non-working days; transactions are reflected on the next operational day.

payments in national currency

Payments in national currency are executed by the bank based on payment orders made by the customer (on paper or electronically via internet banking), in NORMAL or URGENT mode both in favour of the bank's customers (intrabank payments) and in favour of other banks' customers (interbank payments).

URGENT payments shall be executed within 25 minutes of receipt of the payment order via the internet banking system and within 40 minutes of receipt, verification and scanning of the paper payment order. The deadline for urgent transfers may be extended if the payment order does not meet all the necessary processing conditions, following the bank's internal regulations.


  • speed of execution of money transfers;
  • confidentiality of transactions;
  • possibility to track the status of payment orders via remote banking systems.

payments in foreign currency

The bank shall execute payments in foreign currency made by its customers on the same day they are received and accepted, with the currency date according to the terms and conditions set out in the agreements concluded with the correspondent banks through which the respective payments are processed.

Payments shall be made within the limit of the available funds in the customer's current account, indicated in the payment order in foreign currency, in compliance with the provisions of the foreign exchange regulations of the statute and bank regulations.

As a rule, payments in foreign currency shall be made by the bank upon presentation of supporting documents by the customer, which attest to the necessity of the payment and contain data on the payment amount.

Payments can be made in any foreign currency the bank operates and transferred via the SWIFT international payment system to almost any country.

Payments received in favour of the bank's customers shall be recorded in their accounts on the day the funds are received in the bank's correspondent accounts without the commission being charged.

Payments by conversion allow the customer to make payments in foreign currency from the current account in a currency other than the transfer currency. This facility enables the customer to make payments directly by converting the currency of the payment account without submitting a foreign exchange request.

Foreign exchange transfers via SWIFT: commission fees specifics


scheduled payments

Scheduled payments are payments made by the bank on behalf of and for the customer's account, on specific dates and in fixed amounts, under a mandate agreement, to settle contractual or other obligations of the payer to counterparties.

The following services related to scheduled payments are performed within the bank for legal entities:

  • the "MAIB-PAY" service - fixed payments on pre-determined dates;
  • MAIB-SWEEP service - scheduled transfer of amounts (within the balance limit) between own accounts;

Beneficiaries of scheduled payments can be mobile phone operators, utility providers, leasing companies, budget (if the amount and frequency of payments are known), etc.


  • saving time and resources when making regular payments;
  • efficiency in the execution of payment transfers;
  • lower costs compared to the costs of regular payments.

Multiple payments (bundled payments) are payments made by the bank's customer to several payees by forming a single electronic document. Beneficiaries of payments can be legal or natural persons, customers of maib or other banks.

Bundled payments can only be issued via internet banking, made in national currency and must contain only ordinary payments.

Bundled payments may not be issued for payment of taxes and duties or with entities serviced at the State Treasury.

A bundled payment may have only one purpose/purpose for all indicated beneficiaries. For example: purchase of goods, provision of services, payment of other obligations related to current activity.


  • possibility to define and maintain a list of counterparties (beneficiaries) without having to enter them for each payment;
  • lower costs of executing payments;
  • speed (reduced time) in making payments (the time to complete and authorise payments in a bundle is much less than the time to complete each payment).

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