CASCO insurance for your company's transport

the safety of your vehicle
12 months
territory of the Republic of Moldova Turkey, Europe, and CIS (except areas of military conflict)
CASCO total
CASCO insurance for your company's transport


CASCO is the insurance that covers damage to your vehicle due to accidents, unlawful actions of third parties, natural disasters or other covered events, and theft of the car, its parts or components.

The insured amount - the vehicle's actual value according to average market prices when the insurance contract is concluded.

Insured items:





agricultural/special machinery


trailers / semi-trailers

additional equipment

Risks covered - the full package of risks, consisting of the damage and theft risk groups:

  • Accidents: collisions, impacts, rollovers, scrapes, falls, skids, falling objects on the vehicle;
  • Fire, explosion, smoking, staining, charring or other damage as a result of fire;
  • Natural disasters: flooding, mechanical action of flowing water or objects carried by water, storm, hail, hurricane, earthquake, landslide or landslide, lightning, heavy rain, weight of snow or ice, snow avalanche;
  • Unlawful actions of third parties;
  • Theft (both of the vehicle and parts or components indicated in the insurance), including damage caused as a result of theft, robbery or burglary and attempted theft;
  • Necessary and reasonable expenses incurred to rescue the vehicle or mitigate the effects of the insured risk on the vehicle;
  • Expenses for the transportation of the vehicle in the event of impossibility to move it.


CASCO insurance advantages:

  • Covers the complete package of risks - CASCO total;
  • Flexibility and operativity when concluding contracts;
  • Providing advisory assistance for the entire insurance term;
  • Provision of technical, advisory, legal assistance, etc., throughout the insurance period;
  • Priority on minimum claim payment;
  • Repair of the vehicle in the best technical repair centres;
  • Guaranteed cover with one of the country's largest/safest insurance companies.



The insurance premium is calculated according to the type of vehicle, the year of production, its value and the usage profile

CASCO insurance

Vehicle type



from 3,6 %


from 3,5 %



from 2,4 %


agricultural/special machinery

from 0,5 %



from 1,4 %


documente necesare

  • Registration certificate of the vehicle;
  • Documents confirming the value of the vehicle
    • (for new cars): sales contract and/or tax invoice
    • (for those with a turnover): valuation report, only if there is, otherwise according to market analysis
  • If the good belongs to the individual ID and driving license will be required.

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