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Farmers' investments can be easily lost due to damage caused by natural disasters. The solution to enjoy the harvest of a year's work remains to insure agricultural risks.

Why should you insure your harvest?

  • Pay only 30% of the insurance premium, the other part is subsidized by the state;
  • Minimize the negative effects of natural disasters;
  • Protect financial investments;
  • Benefit from additional discounts on the cumulative insurance of several risks.

What risks are insured?

1. In crop production, horticulture, viticulture and animal husbandry:

  • Winter frosts, early autumn frosts and late spring frosts;
  • Torrential rains;
  • Floods (river overflows);
  • Flattened crop and seed blowdown;
  • Burning of cereal crops;
  • Excessive drought (which caused a decrease in the harvest of over 30%);
  • Hail;
  • Loss of animals, birds, bee families due to disease, storm, hail, flood, excessive cooling, trauma;
  • Forced slaughter of animals, birds, bee families, according to the instructions of the National Agency for Food Safety.

2. List of agricultural crops and animal and bird species:

  • Sugar beet, sunflower, corn, soybeans, vegetables, potatoes and tobacco;
  • Wheat, barley and spring and autumn rapeseed;
  • Multiannual plantations (vineyards, orchards, vine and fruit growing nurseries);
  • Grape and fruit harvest,
  • Animals, bee families and birds.

3. Goods owned by farmers

  • Warehouses, halls, production rooms;
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment.

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Who can benefit from agricultural risk insurance?
Agricultural entrepreneurs.

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