New at maib: liability insurance for businesses - sources of increased danger

When you're managing a production process, responsibilities reach new heights. Whether you're in the food or technical field, sophisticated equipment, safety rules, and human factors require special attention. Be responsible, follow the law and take advantage of mandatory business liability insurance - sources of increased danger.

The insurance will cover damage to third parties' life, health or property and the environment in the event of damage to the dangerous industrial object.

You can take out insurance in any maib branch, or 100% online:

  1. maib branch - by applying a handwritten signature;
  2. online - by applying a qualified advanced electronic signature.

Liability insurance is valid for damage caused:

  • life, health of third parties;
  • property of third parties;
  • the environment.

 Industrial hazardous objects will be considered:

  • vessels, boilers, operating under pressure, steam pipes;
  • gas distribution installations and devices, fuel supply: fuel filling/storage stations;
  • objects for storing, drying and processing grain fruit: mills, elevators, dryers;
  • lifting equipment: lifts, cranes, overhead travelling cranes;
  • objects for the production and storage of dangerous substances: ethyl alcohol, chlorine, varnishes/paints;
  • objects of mineral extraction and quarrying industries;
  • according to the Catalogue (Annex 2 to Act No 151 of 09.06.2022), other objects.

Choose the insurance offer* that suits you:

*The offers can be adjusted for each client according to their needs.

Insurance package

Insured amount / Limit of liability per contract, MDL

Insurance premium, MDL

Package I

100 000


Package  II

500 000

2 000

Package  III

1 000 000

4 000

Follow the steps to get insurance:

  1. Send the request to, with the necessary documents attached (CIS extract company-owner of the dangerous industrial object; technical passport of the object) and indicate the period from when the insurance starts and the Insured Amount/Liability Limit per contract;
    *for maib customers - only the technical passport of the object is required.
  2. Receive the payment receipts and the insurance draft by email;
  3. Pay the insurance premium;
  4. Receive the insurance policy for signature (handwritten in the bank branch or with an electronic signature).

  With maib, it's simple and easy to be responsible!

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