IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development)

International resources for rural development
IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development)



1. financing medium and long term investments to support business development/expansion needs:

  • producing, processing and packaging agricultural production;
  • producing livestock;
  • producing seeds and seedlings, growing vegetables in greenhouses;
  • cold storage and preservation of agricultural products (refrigeration equipment);
  • procuring agricultural equipment;
  • procuring/reconstructing/repairing production building and warehouses for storing cereals and fruits;
  • procuring production building;
  • planting vineyards and orchards.

2.  retroactive financing of investments;
3.  financing the circulating means related to the investment is accepted in the amount of up to 50% of the loan amount in case of the investment project;
4.  financing the circulating means independent of the investment project;
5.  financing the costs of transportation and installation of machinery, equipment, work, if they are an integral part of the total value of the procurement contract;
6.  other types of activities in any field of the national economy, except trade activities;
7.  financing farmers groups, which have partnered to participate in Moldovan Agricultural Competitiveness Project (MAC-P) and other International and State Programs;

Note: In cases of procurement and financing of used equipment (second hand), technical expertise and evaluation are performed to confirm the quality, correspondence and price of the good. Bank specialists or an independent evaluator can perform the evaluation.  


How to apply for an online loan 


Fill in the online form


Coordinate all details remotely with maib. Receive the preliminary offer by email


Sign the necessary documents and take the money


To request the loan tranche or to refund the credit in advance, access the corresponding button


Eligible customers:

enterprises or sole entrepreneurs and legal entities (medium, small and micro-sized enterprises), engaged in entrepreneurship, farming, engaged in production, processing, packaging and other activities in any field of the national economy, except trade, both in the rural area and in the town of Chisinau and Balti.

commission fees

The interest rate and related fees are set individually when granting the loan depending on your financial profile.

We are waiting for you at MAIB or you can request a call here to establish the offer.

required documents

  • Identity card of the administrator and of the founders;
  • Articles of incorporation of the company;
  • Other documents that the bank may request.

submit your online credit application

fill in the fields below

submit your online credit application

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the request has been successfully sent and will be processed from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00.

if you apply outside office hours, on weekends or holidays, we will contact you the next working day.


Within 24 hours you have the possibility to submit a single application. There is already a pending request registered on your behalf. Come back later to submit another request.

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