The first 30 customers multiplied their interest rate by two on the maib classic deposit

Maib has chosen the first 30 winners who have doubled their interest rate on the maib classic deposit, this being organized as part of the "Multiply the interest rate by two" promotion.

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for choosing maib.

The promotion is available and takes places between April 6 and June 30. The depositors participate in the monthly selections, which have opened at least one maib classic deposit during the promotion period, in the amount of at least 50,000 MDL, for a period of 365 days. In total, 100 winners will be chosen.

The interest multiplied by two is calculated until the maturity of the deposit. For details, access the attachment from the promotion.

The maib classic deposit with a fixed interest rate of up to 10.5% can be opened simply and easily at any maib branch or through the maibank mobile app. If you choose the online deposit from maibank, then you get the account in just a few minutes, the contract being signed directly on the phone.

Maib classic does not foresees additional deposits, partial withdrawals or automatic extension, and the minimum balance is 1,000 lei.

Let your savings grow safely, simple and easy at maib!

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