Refinance and Save - bring your loan to maib and pay lower rates

Maib launches the "Refinance and Save" promotion where you can bring the loan/loans from other microfinance companies or other banks, and pay lower rates, starting from 11.79% annually. Paying extra huge sums for a consumer loan is no longer a problem today. You can get an advantageous APR even if you already have a loan taken out under "unprofitable" conditions.

If you refinance your loan between November 6 and December 31, you will enjoy a 1 percentage point reduction on the annual rate, after only the first 4 months of paying on time.

How to benefit from the offer?

  • Submit an online application at or come to maib during the promotion period to apply for refinancing one or more loans with an APR of 11.79%.
  • Pay the first 4 monthly instalments according to the repayment plan
  • After paying the first 4 monthly instalments, you will receive a 1 percentage point discount on the rate.

*If you receive your salary on a maib card or have a positive credit history, for a loan of 50 thousand lei, granted for a period of 5 years and APR of 11.80%, you will pay approximately 1092 lei.

Why refinance your loans at maib?

  • It's advantageous - you get a lower monthly rate than you pay on your current loan.
  • It's convenient and easy to manage - you combine all your loans into one, which you pay only at maib and manage easily via the maibank mobile app.
  • Save money - you can reduce your loan costs and save for other purposes.
  • It's flexible - you can request an additional amount over and above what you refinance for a longer period.

Prepare yourself for a prosperous future with the refinance loan.

Maib - simple and easy

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