Maib reduces interest rates on "Prima Casa" mortgages

The annual interest rates on ‘Prima Casa” mortgage loans granted by maib until June 30, 2022, inclusive, will be reduced again. The decision was taken following the provisions of Law no. 293/2017 regarding some measures for implementing the State Program “Prima Casa”.

The new rates are going to be applied retroactively starting July 1, 2022. Therefore, maib announces the start of the process of recalculating the annual rates for active loans that will be reduced as follows:

  •  -1.35 p.p. for loans to which the bank's margin of 1% is applied;
  •  -1 p.p. for loans to which the bank's margin of 2% is applied.

For customers who have already made payments for July and August, the recalculation will be carried out, and in a few days, the funds will be returned to the account.

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