Maib revises the interest rate on mortgages

In the context of the decision of the Commission for Exceptional Situations of the Republic of Moldova to cap the reference index, used to calculate the maximum effective interest rate under the "Prima Casă" program, maib revised the rates applied to "Prima Casă" mortgages.

Regarding this matter, maib announces the beginning of the process of recalculating the annual interest rate for active loans granted under the "Prima Casă" program. Between July 1 and December 31, the interest rate will be 11.12%.

At the same time, the bank took an unprecedented decision to reduce the interest rate for the entire portfolio of mortgages, contracted with the floating interest rate (based on the rate published by the NBM). This decision is motivated by the bank's strategy of always being customer-oriented, out of the desire to ensure transparent, fair and equal conditions for all bank customers who have taken out mortgages.

For customers who contracted mortgages, the rates will increase by only 4 p.p. compared to 5.35 p.p. previously announced.

The recalculations will be applied retroactively starting with July 1, 2022. In the case of customers who have already made the payment for July, the recalculation will be performed, and in a few days the financial means will be returned to the customers' account.

We mention that the interest rate changes twice a year, on January 1 and July 1, depending on the reference index published by the NBM in November and May, respectively.

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