Agile wow maib: first results reported, and plans for Q3 already include four teams lined up

"It's dynamic, the decisions are taken so fast, it's cool, very challenging, you learn a lot of new things and... the people at Google also work in this way" - these are just some of the impressions of an employee, who has been living the agile wow (wow being the abbreviation of way of working) experience for a few months at maib.

In addition to innovations in the way of working, complexity and cross-functionality of teams, maib's agile transformation also brought a lot of planning, anticipation of customer expectations and predictability.

Quarterly, agile orchestras gather for reporting and planning, the recent QBR (Quarterly Business Review) Market Place event bringing together both orchestras already working in agile and newly formed orchestras which are about to begin their agile flight.

Why the QBR event is important:

  • the results obtained in the last quarter; lessons learned, challenges encountered, eventual failures and new opportunities discovered are shared;
  • the objectives for the next quarter are discussed for each band, chord, orchestra;
  • the plans of the business lines are aligned, emphasizing the added value and experience created for the client and market opportunities.

The achievements reported by the agile maib orchestras won the cheers of the top management. Summarizing, the main results obtained in the second quarter are:

  • Orchestra Business Banking Segment, with the effort of the entire team, managed to reach a market share of 30.9% in lending to small and medium enterprises, the result also being due to the implementation of a series of optimizations and automation in lending processes.
  • Orchestra Retail Daily Banking launched the first product "Mortgage in foreign currency", with a credit period of up to 25 years and financing up to 100% of the cost of the real estate. Under the conditions of the implementation of tougher regulations on the credit market, the orchestra brilliantly faced the objectives of maintaining the portfolio.
  • The objective for the third quarter valid for both reporting orchestras is to focus on creating a higher level of customer experience even in the tougher market conditions.

At the next QBR event planned for this October, four maib agile orchestras will line up on the reporting, debating and planning line, sharing the achievements per each objective, and until then they will work agile wow: as orchestras, in chords and bands, in harmony, soon delighting with new products and quality banking services, but also by building innovative professional experiences.

We mention that maib is the first bank in Moldova and in the region to start a complex agile implementation process, which will contribute to the transformation of the bank's way of doing business, aiming to create a new standard of customer experience to make their lives simpler, better and more mobile.

Maib goes Agile!


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