The best employees in Business Banking, awarded by the top management maib

Maib continues to reward the excellence of employees who record the best results in the business and live the bank's values every day. Eighteen managers from the Business Banking Division were awarded applause, appreciation for top management, diplomas of gratitude and valuable awards. According to the results of the first quarter of this year, they granted the most loans to micro, small and medium enterprises - about 1/3 of the total loans offered to SMEs on the market of the Republic of Moldova.

At the event, Giorgi Shagidze, maib President, and Andrii Glevatskyi, Vice President of the bank, in charge of the Business Banking Division, noted the employees' successes, encouraging them to continue to exceed themselves, is always oriented toward the clients and their needs.

"Each of you is a key member of the team, as well as your dedication and professionalism, are indispensable ingredients of our common success. Indeed, you are the best in Business Banking, and I am glad to have the opportunity to personally thank you for your daily efforts to keep the maib No. 1 choice of companies on the market regarding contracting a loan. Continue to be better today than yesterday, and the results will not belong incoming!", mentioned Andrii Glevatskyi.

Vadim Culea, Head of the Business Banking Sales Department, emphasized that the success in Business Banking is due to the team spirit and passion that each of his colleagues has for lending, one of the most important in the banking sphere. Mentors Kostiantyn Isaiev, Natalia Salcuțan, Galina Vasilița and Tetiana Muliar also had appreciations and sent messages of encouragement to the winners.

"Maib has quickly become a community where I am motivated to grow. During the premiere of the best sellers in Business Banking, I was repeatedly convinced that I had made a good decision by committing to maib and that the bank appreciates the involvement and added value you provide at the actual fair.

In my opinion, I managed to achieve good results because I like what I do. I had a memorable award ceremony, felt important, and was an essential part of a strong mechanism that moves society. I am aware that my occupation is vital for the country's economy and small businesses in Moldova. As long as the process is a quality one, success will be imminent", said Tiberius Toma, one of the specialists awarded for the excellent results in Business Banking sales.

Eugenia Cvasniuc, a customer relations advisor in the "Riscani" branch, was also excited to be awarded along with her colleagues for her daily contribution to the development of the Business Banking department at maib.

“It was a beautiful event, with a warm and friendly atmosphere. We are advancing to the next level, so the main goal is to develop, to make every effort to achieve even better results. My motivation remains to be the clients who come to develop their business with the help of the best financing solutions on the market, available at maib. I am proud to be part of this team".

The end of the award event was marked by trainer Ilie Dercaci, who spoke to maib employees about the art of selling, the importance of self-confidence and how effective communication with customers contributes to achieving set goals.

Integrity, innovation, agility and professionalism are the main assets of maib. The bank will continue to support the career growth of its employees while at the same time seeking to attract professionals to the team. Maib aims to increase employee loyalty, develop a quality corporate culture, and promote leadership and performance management. In the medium term, a goal of maib is to maintain employee engagement at over 85%.

Currently, the team of maib professionals consists of over 2300 employees, representing just over a quarter of the employees in the banking sector in the country. In 2021, maib ranked at the top of the employment preferences of university graduates, according to the study "Employer's brand perception and career aspirations of graduates from the Republic of Moldova". At the same time, the bank is considered by the graduate students of the universities of the Republic of Moldova the best employer, being the best-known employer brand among the 12 companies proposed for choice.

About maib

Maib is the largest bank in Moldova, holding 31.4% of the country's banking assets and 34.9% of its loan portfolio as of December 31, 2021. The bank serves over 35% of the population of the Republic of Moldova and is among the country's largest employers.

A private investment fund focused on emerging markets in Europe. Maib is widely recognized for its services, quality customer service and innovative products. Since 2018, the largest shareholder of maib is a consortium of investors consisting of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Invalda INVL, a leading asset management group in the Baltic States and Horizon Capital.

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