"Ialoveni" - the first maib branch renovated in the "reduce, reuse, recycle" style

If you are from Ialoveni, you must have been to the maib branch in the center of the town at least once. Now you have one more reason to visit it - to benefit from the best banking services and operations, perhaps. The "Ialoveni" Branch aligns with the new brand identity, offering more space, convenience, the right atmosphere to make financing decisions for personal or business projects, smiling faces and professional bankers ready to provide innovative experiences.   

Speaking of innovation and visual appearance, the "Ialoveni" branch is the first subdivision in the maib network renovated according to the new brand identity and according to the "reduce, reuse, recycle" principle. Because the bank cares for the environment and invests in protecting it, it has identified and implemented solutions for reusing interior elements and adapting them to the new style of the maib network.

The existing furniture was restored and partially integrated into the new interior design of the branch, according to a unique concept proposed by designers from abroad involved in the renovation process of the maib network. The structure of the rooms is also almost entirely preserved. If, when renovating other branches, the walls were practically demolished and built again according to a different arrangement and forms, in the case of the "Ialoveni" Branch, the space planning was preserved practically entirety.

Aliona Stratan, First Deputy Chairwoman of the Management Board at maib, responsible for the Retail Division:

"We aimed to use existing resources as rationally and efficiently as possible. By reusing some materials, we aimed to be more environmentally friendly, save, reduce waste and give objects a second chance at life. I'm glad that we succeeded and I hope that our customers will also appreciate our efforts to make their visit to the branch more pleasant, more comfortable and, of course, simpler and faster, because, with the alignment of the branch with the new brand identity, we implemented the new operational model, making the interaction with the bank simpler, easier, faster and more convenient".

Just like the other subdivisions of the bank that put on new clothes and changed the operational model after the rebranding on October 7, 2021, the "Ialoveni" Branch provides 3 unique areas where customers can carry out operations independently or they can request support of the consultant who will determine the individual needs regarding banking services, will provide them with support and advice.

The self-service area - dedicated to quick banking operations for customers who want to perform certain operations autonomously and in a short time at payment terminals.

Transactional area - allows the facilitation of multiple operations at a single counter, with faster service for a vast range of operations and, implicitly, saving valuable time for everyone.

The consulting area is semi-private, facilitating direct communication and analyzing complex personal or business development needs and plans.

Victor Tapes, Director of the "Ialoveni" Branch:

"Hundreds of customers cross the threshold of the Ialoveni Branch every day, which confirms the increased demand for our banking products and services. Moreover, we are delighted that starting today, we will receive customers in a much more modern, beautifully designed space, where you will enjoy coming simply for professional advice. It is a particular pride that the "Ialoveni" Branch was chosen for the implementation of a new environmentally friendly principle, as for a long time, together with colleagues, we have been trying to sort, reduce paper consumption and save existing resources. I like that we are advancing to the next level in banking, digitization, in everything related to the customer experience and the implementation of world standards regarding environmental protection".

If you want to visit the renovated space as well, note that the "Ialoveni" Branch is located downtown in Ialoveni, on 49 Alexandru cel Bun street. Without break, it is at your disposal every Monday to Friday, between 08:30 and 16:30.

We remind you that the "Ion Creanga", "Gheorghe Asachi", "Puskin" Balți, "Miron Costin", "Miron Costin Business Center", "Constantin Tănase", "Decebal" Branches, as well as several maib agencies have recently aligned with the renewed brand identity

For more details and information about the new maib brand identity, visit the link.

About maib

Maib is the largest bank in Moldova, which includes 120 subdivisions, 58 branches and 62 agencies, evenly distributed throughout the country. With its vast network, maib serves about one million customers – corporations, small and medium enterprises, and individuals.

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