Maib - the largest corporate banking team at Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon 2022

One hundred maib employees participated in the most awaited sports event of the year - Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon 2022, running in total, no more, no less - 1149 kilometers.

After constant training, fortified endurance and a long-term determination, the maib active to superlative community mobilized again this year to promote the active and healthy way of life through physical activity.

Some colleagues tasted the experience of a marathon for the first time, and others broke personal records, experiencing superlative emotions.

Luminita Grecu, maib active to superlative runner:

"When we started training for the marathon with my colleagues from the maib active to superlative community, I knew this experience would be memorable. Even if it is an individual sport, namely at maib that I learned how much the support and motivation of my colleagues matter to reach the finish line. At one point, on the path, I felt that I no longer had the strength to finish the race, and my colleague Ion encouraged me and was by my side until the last second of the marathon. It was a great lesson of support and team spirit".

Dumitru Ștefîrță, maib active to superlative runner:

"Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon 2022 was not only about sport, endurance and adrenaline but also team spirit and mutual support from the maib community. The group trainings with the coach was essential, as we strengthened our physical capabilities, but much more important is the fact that we developed our resistance and the desire to be the best. If we run alone, it's just training, if we run together, it becomes a value."

The colleagues who registered for 42 kilometers showed intense and diligent training, while the long distances run demonstrated the accumulated experience.

Dumitru Niculăiță, maib active to superlative runner:

"Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon is not the first marathon where I have covered a distance of 42 km. Still, each one is special with my colleagues from the superlatives team, as their enthusiasm and desire to participate in such a beautiful event motivate each other. I am glad that we are the largest community of runners in the industry, participating in organized events in the country and beyond."

For the first time, 40 children of maib employees also participated in the Big Hearts Kids Marathon 2022, proof of the inheritance of sporting values ​​from generation to generation. The little ones ran distances of 400, 800, 1200, 1600 and 2000 meters, being encouraged by their parents and reaching the finish line with success and much joy.

Previously, the maib active to superlative community also participated in the Golden Dragon, Volvo Ultra Race, Iași Half Marathon and other sports competitions.

About maib

Maib promotes the sporting spirit and Olympic values ​​in the Republic of Moldova, contributes to the popularization of sport and the active and healthy way of life, supporting several projects and activities in this field. For over 20 years, maib has been a partner of the National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOS), which annually awards Olympians who demonstrate performance in various competitions on the national and international arena. Through the internal communities formed by the bank's employees (football, tennis, volleyball, maib active to superlative runners), the bank aims to inspire society to adopt a superlatively active and healthy way of life.

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