Maib - 32 years with and about people

For 32 years maib has been supporting people and successful businesses, creating the best and most innovative banking solutions, simplifying operations, streamlining processes and, above all, bringing the pleasure of simple and easy banking to every maib customer.

Over the years, maib has strengthened its position in the banking market and has become a trusted financial institution focused on meeting the needs of customers and the community at large. Throughout this time, we have sought to strengthen our values and grow our business in a sustainable way to provide a next-level experience for our customers.

Among the thousands of numbers and metrics that maib records and monitors year after year, the most important is one - the number of people we have made and continue to make happy.

At 32 years in business, maib remains true to its purpose: to create simple and smart lifestyle financial solutions that inspire people to be happier and businesses - more prosperous, while engaging in projects that add value to society.

Happy birthday, maib! Happy birthday to the people who choose us every day! For you, we have the ambition to improve ourselves and become better every day!

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