Maib and the “Șezătoarea Basarabiei” community join forces to capitalize on the authentic Romanian shirt-ia

Traditions, culture and national values distinguish us as a people, give us a unique dose of authenticity and bring us fame in the world. These principles underlie the “Sezatoarea Basarabiei” community in the Republic of Moldova- over 200 women passionate about the history and ornaments of the Romanian national shirt- ia. The members of the community are working to restore the Romanian national shirts. In the last 6 years they have brought hundreds of authentic shirts from national heritage and from all over Romanian space to life.

Their work has reached the whole country and dozens of corners of the world. Carefully sewn elements were admired at exhibitions at the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova. One of the restored ones is proudly worn by the country's President, Maia Sandu. Romanian songs were exhibited in Geneva, Liechtenstein, Turkey and Romania, promoting the Romanian people's national values ​​and history.

Joining the initiative to promote and capitalize on the national elements and the national one included in the UNESCO Patrimony, maib supported the community financially. The donation contributed to printing an album dedicated to high-waisted shirts, which, according to associate professor Varvara Buzila, is "the most representative piece of the Romanian folk costume worn by women on holidays".

Cristina Dan has been a member of the “Bessarabian Seat” community and part of the maib team for over 2 years, currently the Manager of the B2B Sales Support Group. She combines figures and reports with thread, needles and fabric, which permeates true national treasures. Their love for crosses, decorative keys, necklace and other sewing techniques was discovered 6 years ago, when she was on childcare leave. That's when the "Sezatoarea Basarabiei" community was created, where until now, along with dozens of other women, she embroidered authentic national shirts.

“Because we have special people in the community, we managed to carry out many projects, but even more, await us in the future. I'm sure we'll make them because together we can move the mountains. I also met special people with a big heart in the team I work for - the maib team. With the financial support of the bank, a lot of the albums to be printed will be donated to local libraries, district councils, the diplomatic mission and other public institutions in the country, because we want to promote folk costumes and as many people as possible to realize the importance and its value.

I thank the maib team for their contribution to this project, for their active involvement in the multitude of social projects and that today they are part of the transmission to future generations of what identifies us as a nation - the traditional costume", she mentioned.

Aliona Stratan, first Vice-President maib:

”In any corner of the world we are, our roots drag us home, and everything that means tradition and the national harbour has inestimable value. We thank the members of the Sezatoarea Basarabiei community for perpetuating the country’s heritage, for the passion with which it promotes the art of the needle, for the symbolism and expressiveness hidden in the shirt with altiţă. It is a joy and honor for the maib to contribute to the preservation of the national cultural heritage, including by supporting the release of the album “6 years of traditional shirts sewn in the Sezatoarea Basarabiei”, an extraordinary encyclopedia of the national port for many generations. I am extremely proud of the maib employees and their passions for everything that is beautiful. In particular, I thank my colleague, Cristina Dan, for the initiative and for this valuable partnership”.

National traditions are the calling card of any people, and their promotion is up to each one. That is why maib promotes the national port, including the International day of Iia, an element included in the UNESCO patrimony. On this day, especially bank employees and customers are urged to proudly wear national costumes. It is the way the maib team drives the preservation, development and valorisation of the popular port.

Through its social responsibility policy, maib invests in social projects in various fields: education, art, national traditions, sport, medicine, environment and financial education. Because maib is more than just a bank, it is a key ingredient that contributes to the development of the economy, creating a better life at home, raising generations and promoting healthy values that add value to society and people’s well-being.

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