The maib agile transformation continues: the third wave of orchestras has started working agile WoW

With each agile launch event, we see even more smiles, much more enthusiasm and professionals eager to embrace the new way of working: agile WoW (way of working). We are proud of the transformations that are taking place at maib, but even more of the beautiful results that have become visible both in the way we do things internally and in the products, services and experience offered to customers.

In the third wave, three new orchestras were launched, representing the Retail and Business Banking segments:  

  • Retail Payments Orchestra, orchestra leader Alexei Panin
  • Retail Segment Orchestra, orchestra leader Anna Russu
  • Business Banking Daily Banking Orchestra, orchestra leader Corina Ciurea-Samanati

After the training period with local and international experts, the members of the newly formed orchestras became familiar with the new way of working, the tools and apps that will be used, the ceremonies specific to the agile working framework, as well as the new terminology, the orchestras’ members being ready to amaze with new products, services and improved experiences.

Giorgi Shagidze, maib CEO:

"Agile transformation is not just a temporary process. The waves released are only a small part of this journey. The constant transformation will keep us in a continuous improvement, development and innovaton process. In 2022 we mainly focused on the Retail and Business Banking segment, and the transformation will continue for other banking segments within maib.”

Aliona Stratan, maib First Deputy Chairwoman of the Management Board, responsible for the Retail division:

"The feelings of trust, pride and responsibility are  probably the smallest but most important "added values" that the maib team gained during all this time of agile work. Changes have already taken on a new dimension, the speed at which they happen has become much faster, and agile WoW is exactly what helps us keep up with them."

Andrii Glevatskyi, maib Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, responsible for the Business Banking division:

"During these months, maib has proved that agile and the banking sector are more than compatible. We still have a lot to learn, both in the way we work and in the customer relationships. Still, the important thing is that we already have commendable results, which customers feel and appreciate."

Why did maib initiate agile implementation?

Several reasons led us as a bank to initiate agile transformation. Here are just a few:

  • The world is changing at a dizzying pace, and it is necessary for us to change as well, to be agile and flexible so that we can always be customer-oriented, responding to their expectations and needs.
  • Technological progress, Fintech motivate us to accelerate, develop and innovate.
  •  "Talent war", if we want to attract and keep the best employees - it is necessary to offer them an innovative work model and extraordinary professional experiences, and agile WoW is one of them.

Maib goes agile!

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