A homelike atmosphere: "Constantin Tănase" branch, renovated according to the updated brand identity

The cozy, relaxing atmosphere and the friendly people are becoming day by day the business card of maib. These elements, along with fast services, customized areas for various customer needs, colorful and innovative design, dynamic and professional team, are also found in the "Constantin Tănase" branch, one of the largest maib branch which was recently renovated according to the bank's updated brand identity.

Aliona Stratan, First Vice Chairman of maib:

"We managed in a record time to transform the branch into a comfortable space, where you can come with pleasure to benefit from modern, personalized banking products and services, adapted to the market needs. We are glad that we are advancing to the next level in banking together with our customers, becoming better at everything we do and developing according to international standards to keep pace with market innovations and consumer requirements. I am proud to say that maib is not just a bank, but a reliable life partner for every person who decides to become our client”.

The "Constantin Tănase" branch is now larger, much more colorful, bright and modern, so that it allows serving a larger flow of customers and performing several operations at a single consultant. The location of the branch is just perfect, responding to the service needs of individuals, as well as SMEs and corporate customers.

Dumitru Baxan, Vice Chairman of maib, in charge of the Corporate Division:

"We are delighted to welcome customers in a much more comfortable space for both parts – customers and the maib team. The Constantin Tănase branch has always been a flagship branch and not only because of its size, but also because it was chosen by corporate clients for trading and business development plans. Today, in the new modernized environment, large corporate clients as well as the business environment will have more convenience, speed and services in line with business expectations”.


Like the other subdivisions of the bank that put on new clothes and changed the operational model after the rebranding of October 7, 2021, the "Constantin Tănase" Branch has prepared 4 unique areas where customers can perform independent operations or can request the support of the Customer Consultant who will determine the individual needs for banking services, providing support and advice.

Self-service area - dedicated to fast banking operations for customers who want to do by themselves and in a short time certain operations at payment terminals.

Transactional area - allows the facilitation of several operations at a single counter, with a faster service for a wide range of operations and, implicitly, saving valuable time for everyone.

The advisory area is semi-private, facilitating direct communication, analyzing the needs and complex personal or business development plans.

Premium area "alto" - exclusive services, unique experiences in conditions of maximum comfort and special privileges for premium banking customers.

The "Constantin Tănase" branch is located in the center of the capital, on Constantin Tănase Street, 9, in the former headquarters of the "DOCCB" branch, being available to customers every day, from Monday to Friday, between 09:00 AM and 5:00 PM, without break.

We remind you that the “Ion Creanga”, “Gheorghe Asachi”, “Pushkin” Balti, “Miron Costin”, “Miron Costin”, “Miron Costin Business Center” Branches, as well as several maib agencies have recently aligned themselves with the renewed brand identity.

For more details and information about the new maib brand identity, tap here.

About maib

Maib is the largest bank in Moldova, comprising 137 subdivisions, 58 branches and 79 branches, evenly distributed throughout the country. Through its wide network, maib serves about one million customers - corporations, small and medium enterprises, individuals.

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