Diana Adașan. Each alto customer has a unique story

Diana Adașan, alto premium customer relationship manager at maib, in an interview with journalist Pavel Zingan.

Diana, hello. I am one of the first alto customers, and I can say that this service was developed "in front of my eyes". I remember the excitement I had because, until then, I had never had a personal manager at the bank. I also remember the emotions of the people who designed the alto service. It was very unusual to go to the bank to have my problems solved and to be served with a coffee or a glass of prosecco. Equally remarkable was to learn that alto managers attend training on Greek mythology so that they could hold a conversation with customers if necessary. Why this introduction? Have you managed to maintain the same positive atmosphere now that the service has been running for a few years?

The question reminded me of the times when it all started. The emotions were indeed overwhelming. I didn't know how customers would perceive the alto service and if they would like it. I remember my first call to a premium customer and telling them what alto was all about. It was all unknown, including for the customers, and some even asked us who alto was.

And what did you answer them?

I explained over and over again. We were focused not just on selling a product but on providing premium service and creating a new experience for the customer in terms of interacting with the bank. It wasn't easy initially, but we've gone through all the stages of development and are proud of what we've accomplished. You asked me about emotions. Of course, they remained. When customers were thanking me or my colleagues for our work, when a customer awaits the return from a leave of their "own" manager, the emotions are astounding.

How many alto customers does maib have now?

Over six thousand.

But how many customers does each alto manager have?

Each manager has a different portfolio of customers. I have over 300 customers.

As a premium manager, do you have personal assistants?

No, I work personally with each customer. The role of a dedicated manager is to establish a personal relationship with the customer, which is one of the most important values of the alto service.

Moldova is a small country, and any premium service has its own "development limit". What is the growth trend in the number of alto customers?

Undoubtedly, the growth rate has stabilised. The number of customers continues to grow, but not as fast. However, our goal has never been quantitative growth. Our number one priority is to ensure the highest quality of customer service.

Let’s suppose I'm not an alto customer and just learned about the service. What would you highlight first about alto?

Alto is different. It is not just another premium service. It's about being 'different.' It's a unique customer experience, not just a 'platinum' card or 'VIP' status, but a whole new philosophy. It's about having a personal manager who cares about your comfort and needs.

What matters, first and foremost, to customers?

Definitely, it is about the travel experience. Therefore, the demand for our service often starts with the need for comfort when travelling. The airport Lounge area offers a premium experience of waiting for take-off, not to mention flight delays. This is probably the first thing almost all customers consider. In addition to the airport's VIP area, there is medical insurance for the cardholder and their family members. The insurance is an essential factor, as it includes children and spouses. What could be more valuable than the health and safety of the family?

But alto, however, is not just a service for travel lovers.

Alto is a 360-degree service. We are ready to help solve all customer situations related to our financial services. In this respect, alto customers can always call their personal manager. In addition, the Contact Center has a special line for alto customers. By calling the Contact Center, you can be put "on hold", but alto customers have priority. Our system automatically recognises them by their phone number, thus minimising call handling time. Additionally, there's the Concierge service, which will quickly manage the purchase of concert tickets or booking a table at a top restaurant.

Of course. Have you heard various stories related to customer requests and demands?

Every customer has a unique story. I just remembered a situation when a customer called us from Dubai. He wanted to skydive and decided to make his dream come true there, but unfortunately, his card had reached its payment limit. Of course, we quickly reacted and solved the issue.

I have a tricky question. Does maib's journey towards digitisation include the future reduction of the need for a personal manager? However, more services can be accessed via the bank's mobile app without going to the bank.

I will answer from my daily experience. Now, customers don't come so often to the alto area to get their problems solved, but this has not resulted in less time communicating with them. Communication has gradually migrated to the phone or messaging app. We communicate more with customers now than when the service was launched. The interaction is more about remote problem-solving. It is very convenient for customers. We are practically always one call or message away from solving situations where they need our help.

Don't customers miss face-to-face interaction?

We never forget that interaction. I could tell you about our customer events.

One of our most unique customer events for the maib alto is the tree planting in the Botanical Garden, a tradition now in its fourth edition. This isn't just about planting a tree, it's a special gift to our customers on their birthdays. The concept is simple - every maib alto customer celebrating their birthday has the opportunity to plant a tree in the Botanic Garden. We host these events several times a year, offering our customers the chance to plant trees and enjoy their special day.

Of course, it would have been easier to give symbolic gifts, but we want to offer our customers unique and memorable experiences. Moreover, we take care of all the details, from gloves and gear to water, so that customers can make the most of the moment.

Finally, I have a personal question. I have an upcoming trip and never thought about insurance, but now it is necessary. Do I have to go to the bank for it?

Not at all! Insurance is automatically "on the phone” for alto customers. To activate it, you only need to make a card payment abroad. This straightforward process ensures that the insurance is in effect during your stay. And it's not just for you but also for your family members.

Thank you. I should also call my alto manager more often. Nothing can replace personal communication. "

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