Dumitru Duca. About future updates in the maibank app

Dumitru Duca, Product Owner Retail Daily Banking at maib, in an interview with journalist Pavel Zingan

Dumitru, hello! I am closely monitoring the development of the maibank app, and I am increasingly flattered by the new services and functionalities. The bank's consistency is admirable, as digitisation has proven to be more than just a statement.

In my opinion, for a "classic" bank, everything that is happening now is simply excellent. I have not worked in banking a very long time ago. Previously, I worked for the US market, being in charge of an app for online notarization and marketing for a logistics company. This is my first time working in a big company developing a product in Moldova, in a bank, and if I was initially sceptical that the bank would transform so quickly, now I'm excited. I am grateful that maib allowed me to be part of the maibank team and achieve the progress that has become a determining factor in the banking market in the Republic of Moldova.

Let's talk a bit about recent news and updates in digital.

We have launched a very exciting functionality for budgetary institutions. Previously, when you took on a new job, you were required to have a new card on which your salary was paid. Now, if I have a maib card and I get a job at a public hospital or a ministry, I just open maibank, indicate my new job, connect my card and receive my salary on it.

Will this development also be applied in the case of private companies?

Of course, this will be the next step. It is a valuable and necessary option for both employees and employers.

So far, no banking app in Moldova offers the possibility to analyse expenses. Are you working on this?

We believe we will be the first on the market. We are planning the analysis and classification of expenses and their budgeting. This will allow us to set spending limits, and optionally, we will be notified that we have exceeded planned spending on things such as fuel. This will be a good financial adviser.

However, the bank has no direct benefit from this functionality. Why are you investing in its development?

We met a great coach at the WEB Summit in Lisbon, who changed our view on the app development strategy. Yes, it may have some functionality that does not directly benefit the bank. Still, nothing connects the customer to the bank more strongly than a comfortable financial ecosystem created for them, where the customer manages their life, and we are their co-pilot. In the future, maibank will become a common platform for many services. We have set a course for neo-banking and are steadily moving in that direction.

I have a final advice. Develop a demo for maibank so that non-maibank customers can feel the benefits of the app.

We are already working on a platform for non-customers to see the full range of services, use the calculator, review salary projects and, if they wish, open and receive a card immediately without coming to the bank.

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