Iulian Borisov. Maib is the leader in terms of the number of cards issued within salary projects

Iulian Borisov, Product Owner Retail (Orchestra) Department at maib, in an interview with journalist Pavel Zingan

Iulian, hello. Before our meeting, I reread our interview from last summer. Then you said: "Now, my goal is to bring the bank ranking 1st regarding the number of cards in salary projects. Regarding the turnover of salary projects, we are already in first place, and our task is to be first also in the number of cards issued". Have you managed to achieve this goal?

We did it! Last autumn, maib became the undisputed market leader regarding the number of cards issued. It is the result of the work of our entire team, and I am proud that we have succeeded in achieving our ambitious plan. When I say "the whole team", I don't just mean my bandmates. With the bank's other business lines, from the maibank mobile app to each product and service, we convinced customers to opt for maib's salary projects.

So, is the cost of maintaining a salary project no longer a key factor in choosing a bank?

It is no longer an essential criterion for our customers. These days, efforts to save money and negotiate fees for salary projects are already a thing of the past. The focus has shifted to employee care. The employer understands that their team deserves and expects the best products and services on the market. Transferring the salary is a technical and instant operation, but the employee benefits from the convenience of using the received money.

You constantly negotiate with customers. What maib products are valued as employee benefits?

Mortgages are always in the spotlight, and we are leaders. We have the best offers on the market. Our new loan, split into instalments, is also attention-grabbing- it offers another level of financial planning and an opportunity to increase purchasing power. Previously, an employee would choose between renovating their home or travelling to the seaside. Thanks to our new financial tools, they no longer have to choose but can go for both.

I remember from our previous conversation that you always worked in sales. What's the advantage of the salary projects?

Time is undoubtedly our most valuable resource. What does a salary project mean for an employee? It is about opening a bank account and getting a card. At maib, you can do this in minutes from the comfort of your home or office. And then, with maibank, you'll save time on every step. And the employees will have access to more than just the services they need. The possibilities maibank offers, which we have seen in practice many times, will exceed their expectations.

Regarding timesaving, maib is the only bank currently offering the convenience of updating personal data online without going to the branch. This process saves time and provides several other advantages, the main one being that you no longer need to go to the bank to update your data physically.

Iulian, you are an experienced seller. I don't have any employees, but I want to request a salary project from the bank.

In addition to the advantages mentioned, I would also like to point out the new phone number transfer opportunities available on the local market.

Are you talking about MIA Instant Payments?

Yes. This service allows you to instantly transfer money from any card in the Republic of Moldova to your maib card, providing a fast and convenient solution to top up your account. You can now transfer your salary from any bank to your maib card, as maib has a digital salary card you can open via the maibank app and enjoy all the benefits of being a maib customer. Also, in maibank, we have a feature for budgetary employees: subscribe to MPay and receive your salary directly to your maib card.

And so the customer automatically has access to all the possibilities of the ecosystem maib is developing?

This applies to the entire range of cards, Even to the maib gama card, which offers cashback at thousands of merchants and, if needed, access to a credit line for 60 days. And since every second user in the Republic has a maib card, P2P transfers between cards are free.

I thought that just as the bank as a whole "works" for you by creating products that add value to salary projects, you work for the bank as a whole by promoting salary projects because, in this way, you promote absolutely all maib products dedicated to individuals.

We are a team!

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