Biometrics: a step towards advanced security in digital banking

In the current digital era, security is a major concern when using online banking services. To offer a secure and convenient mobile banking experience, maib has integrated a biometric service based on facial recognition technology into the maibank application. This technology utilizes unique facial characteristics to confirm users' identities and ensure a high level of account and transaction protection.

In simple words, biometrics serves as a unique key that only you possess. Instead of remembering a complex code or password, maibank allows you to use your face as a digital key.

The main concept is that this biometric method acts as a distinct "digital signature" unique to you. This significantly deters fraudulent individuals from attempting to impersonate you and gain access to your account.

Thus, the biometric service represents an advanced facial recognition technology and a sophisticated authentication method used to secure access to maibank customer accounts. Through this technology, the device records and analyzes the user's distinctive facial features. This involves using a specialized camera to capture facial details and advanced algorithms to accurately identify the device owner.

When the user gazes at their device, the facial recognition system examines the facial features in real time and compares them to the securely obtained and stored model. Access is granted only if a significant match is found.

Within the maibank application, this technology ensures that only legitimate users can access and manage their personal finances. Therefore, facial recognition adds an additional layer of security and privacy to the user experience.

As a result, every time you open the maibank application and perform transfers to other individuals or carry out other transactions, make use of biometrics to securely manage your finances!

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