Business case: How to get access to a reserve of money for your business, whenever you need it

We present you a new business case formulated by the journalist Pavel Zingan, based on discussions with entrepreneurs who benefited from the financial support of the maib. Real cases demonstrate how easily and simply any entrepreneur can get the necessary amount on advantageous terms, without bureaucracy and additional documents.

Product: The default credit limit

General information:

Do you need 2 million lei without collateral for agricultural works? Set the default credit limit for your business.

What is the default credit limit?

Based on the information it has about your business and an algorithm for calculating the level of risk, maib sets a credit limit for the business.

Do you have to take out the credit?

No, it's just a right of yours.

You can only use your resources. However, the set limit gives you more financial independence. The fact is that credit within the pre-set limit can be obtained without collateral in just a few hours. It is enough to apply for credit.

The amount is transferred to your current account or business card. You decide on how to spend your financial resources.

The loan is offered for a term of up to 3 years for current and up to 5 years for investments.

The amount of the pre-set limit without collateral can reach 1,5 million lei.

Do I have a default credit limit?

If you have not been informed about the default credit limit for your business, contact the maib and find out if it has been calculated. Most importantly, you don't have to take out a loan after the bank tells you how much you can get.

It's just your right and another form of financial independence.

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