Maib explains: what a power of attorney must contain when representing you at the bank

Even though a good number of banking transactions at maib are already available online, there are procedures that, for security reasons, need to be carried out and confirmed in person by the card or account holder.

So what can you do if you want to manage your accounts, get your new bank-issued card or deposit and withdraw money from your accounts, but you can't do it yourself, or you are abroad?

In such a situation, you can use a power of attorney - the legal power of attorney that gives another person the right to act on your behalf.

Here's what you should bear in mind when drawing up a power of attorney to represent you at the bank:

  1. Powers of attorney submitted to the bank must be notarised. Powers of attorney authenticated by consular offices or diplomatic missions of the Republic of Moldova are also accepted.
  2. The power of attorney must indicate the date it was drawn up. If the date is not indicated, the power of attorney is void, and the bank will not accept it. If a power of attorney does not indicate the validity period, it shall be valid for 3 years from the date of its drawing up.
  3. The power of attorney shall clearly and explicitly specify the powers of attorney given to the Representative, for example, representation at the bank for opening/closing a bank account, account administration, depositing/withdrawing cash from accounts, bank transfer, updating identification data or other operations. In the case of payment cards, the bank will allow the client to be represented based on a power of attorney if a power of attorney expressly indicates powers of attorney, such as to apply for issuing/issuing the card(s), to collect the card(s) and PIN from the bank or to block/unblock the card(s). 
  4. Powers of attorney drawn up in other countries must be submitted to the bank in the form established for recognition in the Republic of Moldova: recognition, apostille or supplementary authentication. If the power of attorney is drawn up in a language other than Romanian, it shall be translated into Romanian at the bank's request. The translation must be done by a translator authorized in the Republic of Moldova, whose signature will be confirmed by a notary in the country.

Remember that changing a customer's phone number or email address by an authorised person is not allowed.

Another important point is that, besides the power of attorney, you must present the bank with a notarised copy of your identity card.

Another important point is that, besides the power of attorney, you must present the bank with a notarised copy of your identity card.

Have you ever had to draw up a power of attorney to present to the bank?

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