Maib and ASEM inaugurate Student Lab – the simulation of an actual branch for students’ practical activities

Investing in the financial education of young generations and continuing the series of projects dedicated to professional higher education training, maib, in partnership with the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (AESM), inaugurates Student Lab. The space represents an exact simulation of an actual bank branch set up on the premises of AESM, where students will do practical lessons related to banking activity.

Student Lab is a "banking laboratory" equipped with modern tools and apps used daily in maib branches. Thus, young people will have the opportunity to test banking services and products during their studies. They will have the chance to understand the operation and applicability of next-level banking, how the processes within the bank evolve, continuously optimizing them and, therefore, offering customers simpler and easier experiences.

At the self-service terminal, students will learn about integrating different services, operations and partners into the bank’s system so that customers can perform as many banking operations as possible on their own. Likewise, an automatic teller machine (ATM) is installed in  the banking laboratory, which will allow students to carry out operations with bank cards and foreign currency exchange.

Giorgi Shagidze, maib CEO:

”I’m glad that today we managed to lay the foundations of an important project for developing the capacities of future banking specialists. We continue to strengthen the sustainable partnership with AESM for better professional training of students and the creation of optimal study conditions simulating the natural business environment. Thus, we also contribute to increase of financial education among young people.

By creating Student Lab, we aimed to get more involved in the educational process, allowing students to apply knowledge in practice right during their studies. We are confident that in this way, the educational program will align with international standards, and the universities will train highly qualified specialists for the financial-banking field of the country”.

Workshops on banking products and services will be organized in the Student Lab. For example, most practical lessons will be conducted on issuing credits. Young people will be trained on the key steps to follow in analyzing the customer and granting a bank credit, depending on the customer’s various needs.

Alexandru Stratan, Rector of AESM:

”The importance of the partnership between the business environment and the university is beneficial for the development of the professional educational skills of diligent youth and scientific-didactic staff, as well as for the business environment, in the context in which it helps increasing the training process and strengthening the quality of the workforce, which it will later benefit from.

Thus, we are pleased that AESM is the first university where the partnership with a financial institution, namely maib, opened the first banking simulation laboratory for students.

Many thanks to our partner maib for open-mindedness to the successful implementation of this project at the beginning of the new academic year, which once again proves that investments in education and research are the best way to build a competitive economy based on knowledge”.

Another area of learning within the Student Lab will be direct sales. Having the role as a potential bank employee, the student will have access to Creatio’s work tools, T24, with the help of which one will be able to provide all banking services to customers. Also, at the Student Lab, public lessons will be organized by maib specialists within the partnership agreement established by the two institutions a year ago for the joint implementation of a series of academic, research and educational projects.

Maib and AESM will continue the sustainable partnership by aligning the study programs to the labour market requirements, consulting the banking subjects’ programs in the first and second cycle of studies, and offering practice programs to students and integration within the internship program.

Maib experts continue to collaborate with AESM researchers in research projects, debates in scientific conferences with the publication of papers in AESM journals, and by strengthening the research capacities of AESM and maib.

About maib

Maib, the No. 1 commercial bank in the Republic of Moldova, is in the top job preferences of university graduates, according to the study "Employer brand perception and career aspirations of graduates from the Republic of Moldova". At the same time, maib is considered by the Moldovan graduate students to be the best employer, the best-known employer brand out of 12 companies proposed to the students to choose from. At the beginning of the current year, the specialized job platform also ranked maib in the Top 5 best employers in the country.

Maib encourages students' successes in the Republic of Moldova every year. Performances and meritocracy are highly valued within the " Burse pentru Viitorul Tău " project, implemented in partnership with the University Information Center, the Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection. In the last 7 years, maib has awarded more than 270 diligent students.

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