Maib and Mastercard support a new edition of the “Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions 2023” Conference

Maib continues to align with the latest digital trends, implementing the digital innovation agenda and supporting events that call into question innovation at the community level.

The  Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions 2023 Conference , organized by Fintech Moldova with the support of Mastercard and maib on March 24 in Chisinau, will offer industry leaders and financial professionals the opportunity to learn about the latest technological advances and strategies for transformation and present practical ideas to help financial institutions successfully implement digital transformation.

One of the most important topics discussed at the conference will be artificial intelligence's role in financial institutions' digital transformation. Also, the conference will be a networking and exchange of ideas platform for participants curious about digitization in the financial industry. They will meet experts from the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Georgia, Lithuania and other countries who will discuss topics such as Big Data analysis in risk management, modernization of traditional systems, cloud computing, digital identity verification, Open Banking, Digital Banking and best practices in cyber security matter.

Giorgi Shagidze, CEO maib , the main partner of the conference, emphasizes the importance of innovation for financial institutions: "Innovation and digital transformation are key factors in maib's strategy. Digitization is transforming our activities across all lines of business and offers immense opportunities for creating added value in everything we do. As market rules change and our customers' needs evolve, digital innovations in our portfolio of banking products and services become a key focus in everything we do. We are happy to partner with this conference, share our experience and learn from the best in the industry.”

Irina Untillă, Director of the Mastercard Moldova office, main partner of the conference, emphasizes the importance of integrating digital transformation by financial institutions: "At Mastercard, we believe that digital transformation brings a fundamental change in the financial industry. To succeed in this digital age, institutions should integrate innovative technologies and reinvent their customer experiences to create simpler, more secure and personalized solutions for them. Industry platforms like the DTFI23 conference provide an excellent opportunity for industry leaders to share best practices and explore new strategies to drive further growth. We are proud to support this conference for the second consecutive year."

Ștefan Nistor, Founder and Coordinator for Fintech Moldova, organizer of DTFI23, highlights the value of interecting with those who have successfully implemented innovative projects in finance: "Digital transformation is not only about automating processes or offering a better experience to customers. It's about creating new products and services that were previously impossible. The endless possibilities and the conference is the perfect place to explore them." 

Maib, the largest bank in Moldova and a dedicated promoter of innovation and digital transformation, annually supports the Fintech Moldova conferences. These events aim to bring businesses and the community to the next level.

More details about the Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions 2023 conference agenda and speakers can be accessed on the web page.

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