Moldova Agroindbank, awarded for the second consecutive year with the trophy Best Digital Bank Moldova - the most digitized bank in the country

Extra convenience, speed, flexibility, autonomy in client relations with the bank and continuous innovation - these are just a few advantages of the digitization processes implemented by Moldova Agroindbank recently, in unison with the development direction announced by MAIB - "we go digital". 

The digital progress of Moldova Agroindbank in 2020 has been highly praised by the international publication Global Banking and Finance Review, which annually analyzes the performance of companies around the world and awards them in a rigorous competition with the participation of a jury of experts.

For the second consecutive year, the high distinction for the most digitized bank in the Republic of Moldova – “Best Digital Bank Moldova 2021” was awarded to Moldova Agroindbank, a worthy appreciation that once more demonstrates the performance of MAIB in this segment, especially regarding MAIBank mobile application, Internet Banking and new digital features development. 

"Every decision you make in life has indispensable financial consequences and it once again highlights the relationship between everyday life and finances. Therefore, the digital solutions developed by MAIB are aimed at giving our client full control over the client's financial resources and transactions, just by an elegant finger motion on the phone screen, while ensuring the security, simplicity and convenience expected.

The COVID-19 pandemic further boosted Moldova Agroindbank digitization agenda, opting to develop the features, to increase the opportunities for remote client relationships with the bank. In 2020 the number of active digital users increased considerably, the number of MAIBank Mobile application downloads increased, the payments number and volume, clients also feeling the convenience of having a full bank at a click away for performing payments, and for bank cards opening and ordering home delivery, opening deposits and accounts or credit requests.  

We are aware that the client's decision to maintain the relationship with the bank depends more and more on the experience that the client has with his bank. That is why we make every effort to integrate the “client focus” principle into all our products and services, in order to take the client experience with MAIB to a new level.

I dedicate this award to the MAIB team and our clients, whom I assure that we will continue the modernization process, so as to offer them the best banking experiences, products and services: qualitative, convenient, easy to use and accessible from wherever they are” said Aliona Stratan, First Deputy Chairwoman of Moldova Agroindbank, on the occasion of receiving the trophy. 

In 2020, MAIB managed to note important progress in terms of services and products digitization, which was also confirmed by tripling the clients’ number who enrolled in the bank digital infrastructure.
More than 10 digital products have been made available to clients during the last year, which include: opening deposits and accounts, applying online for a loan, requesting to open cards, currency exchange at ATMs and much more. 
In the last 12 months, the number and volume of channel operations has doubled. Although this trend has also been driven by pandemic conditions, the data confirms that our clients are prepared and have a good openness to start using digital products as soon as they are made available. 

MAIB portfolio of digital products, services and functionalities includes: MAIBank app, Internet Banking, EASI Banking, P2P, T2C, Cash by Code, Cash In By Code, etc.

The Moldova Agroindbank team continues to focus its efforts on the dimension of digitalization and innovation, investing in client-centered solutions and in developing a sustainable and quality relationship with each client.

"Global Banking & Finance Review" is one of the largest and most prestigious media institutions specialized in the financial field, appreciated for the analyses, interviews, news and pertinent opinions expressed. The awards given by the publication represent the appreciation of the value by the global financial community in certain areas of expertise and excellence in the financial sphere.

Moldova Agroindbank is the No. 1 commercial bank in the Republic of Moldova, being appreciated by prestigious juries of national and international experts. In 2020, The Banker designated MAIB "The Best Bank in Moldova", the Global Banking and Finance Review awarded it the title "Best Digital Bank Moldova", and VIP Magazin - "Brand of the Year 2020".

"The best bank in Moldova by asset quality", "The best bank in Moldova by profit before taxes", "The best bank in Moldova by capitalization in 2019" - are the awards given by Finance Central Europe.

Locally, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova awarded MAIB the “Golden Mercury” distinction for the “Socially Responsible Trademark” and “Reputation and Trust” nominations, as well as the “Crystal Mercury” grand prize for the “Debut of the Year” nomination for the LiberCard launch. At the same time, in 2020 MAIB is the only bank in the country awarded the Distinction of Excellence of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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